05 March 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - Urban redevelopment does not start with architecture, but with the redevelopment and revitalisation of community identity.
Brussels (Belgium) - Urban redevelopment does not start with architecture, but with the redevelopment and revitalisation of community identity. It starts with a respectful design process that reveals how the community sees itself and how it wants to be seen. It starts with a building consensus, not building buildings. Once this is understood, then the buildings can be designed to reflect the true community identity and aspirations. The right design process allows us to understand the long-term objectives and produce designs that will be here for generations.

Bennett Peji, an established brand consultant, is Filipino-American. Peji served as President's Council Chair for the AIGA national board. He is a founding board member of the Baja California Missions Foundation, founded to preserve the historic missions in Mexico. He is immersed in advocacy and policymaking for the arts and serves on the Commission for Art and Culture's Public Art committee. He teaches Visual Identity and Branding Systems at San Diego State University. His firm, Bennett Peji Design, has received over 200 awards. Peji is now the Master Planner of the first Filipinotown in the United States.

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Bennett Peji
Principal, Bennett Peji Design
San Diego, CA USA

About 'Fronteiras' Icograda International Design Conference
29-30 April 2004
Memorial da America Latina, Auditorio Simon Bolivar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Graphic designers and visual communicators often work at the frontiers of socio-economical, industrial, environmental and business development. As the design profession matures, so does its influence and impact on society.
- How can the visual communication industry contribute to the social and economic development of a rapidly changing world?
- How can visual communicators assist trade and industry in developing sound and sustainable corporate strategies?
- How can visual communication contribute towards a sustainable future for all life on earth?

This Icograda conference will explore the ways in which graphic designers from around the world address and adapt to societal challenges, economic change and industrial development.

About Icograda Design Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Icograda and ADG-Brazil invite you to celebrate Latin American and International design in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 23-30 April 2004. Experience the 7th ADG Biennial Exhibition, 'Fronteiras' Icograda International Design Conference, 'Design in Latin America' Icograda Regional Design Seminar, as well as Symposia, Workshops and Displays.

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