19 February 2004
Brussels (Belgium) - The 8th International Poster Biennial of Mexico has received Icograda's endorsement.* Organised by Trama Visual, the event will open in the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, on 25 October 2004 and run until 30 January 2005. The theme is 'Posters against Impunity' and the aim is to increase awareness of social and environmental issues through graphic design. The competition will showcase Mexico's contributions to the design profession and will act as a meeting ground for design professionals from around the world.

The Biennial will present poster designs created between May 2002 and May 2004. The competition is open to professionals and students in the fields of graphic design, graphic arts, plastic arts and photography. Participants of all ages and nationalities may enter as individuals or on a group basis. The winners will be invited to present a collective exhibit of their work in the program of the next Biennial. The submission deadline is 30 May 2004.

Design books will be accepted in lieu of an entry fee. These books will become part of the Trama Visual, A.C. library. Posters may be submitted under the following categories:

A. Cultural Themes and Activities
B. Ecological Themes
C. Advertising, Products and/or Services, and Commercial Events
D. Unpublished posters under the theme: 'Posters against Impunity'

For further information please contact:

8th International Poster Biennial of Mexico
Trama Visual, A. C.
T: + 52 5 514 81 37
F: + 52 5 525 42 65
W: www.bienalcartel.org.mx

*Icograda endorsement is a guarantee that the design event complies with approved international guidelines.