31 January 2002
Brussels (Belgium) - Icograda endorses The Ideas That Matter, a unique initiative that supports creative design for social good, organised by Sappi.
Brussels (Belgium) - The Ideas That Matter organised by Sappi has received Icograda's endorsement*. Ideas That Matter is a unique initiative that supports creative design for social good. It was launched in 1999 in Europe, North America and Africa and since then, each year, Sappi has committed US$ 1 million towards the implementation of selected cause-related communication campaigns.

In 2000 five campaigns were implemented in Europe on the basis of grants awarded by Sappi. These campaigns supported France Alzheimer et maladies apparentees (France), Wildwasser W rzburg (Germany), Gruppo Operatrici Antiviolenza e Progetti (Italy), Amnesty International (The Netherlands) and Milton Keynes Women's Aid (United Kingdom).

Sappi is the world s leading producer of coated fine paper used in the production of high quality print. It has always supported graphic designers who share a belief in the power of ideas on paper and its official partnership with Icograda worldwide confirms this commitment. Now for the third year, Sappi is ready to support the causes that are important to the international design community.

You believe that your contribution could make a difference in the way they communicate to raise awareness of their cause, to raise funds or to rally the community to action. You probably have some creative ideas that you1re just dying to try out. You are willing to give your time and creativity for free, but you doubt whether they could afford to cover the cost of implementing your ideas.

Sappi is ready to award financial grants of up to EUR 50,000 to pay your out of pocket expenses and the full implementation of a print campaign. This includes the cost of the photography, illustration, films, paper, printing, mailing, etc.

The deadline for submitting entries is 31 May 2002.

Together Sappi and the international design community can make a difference to society.

* Icograda endorsement is a guarantee to participants that the design event has been organised in accordance with the approved international guidelines and standards. For information on Icograda endorsement, contact Thierry Van Kerm, Icograda Director at secretariat@icograda.org

For further information please contact our local Sappi sales office or:
E: e-mail <a href="mailto:ideas.that.matter@eu.sappi.com">ideas.that.matter@eu.sappi.com</a> or simply visit the idea exchange at <a href="http://www.ideaexchange.sappi.com" target="new">http://www.ideaexchange.sappi.com</a>