Newest ico-D Member | American University of Beirut

29 April 2015
The Department of Architecture and Design offers an open, multidisciplinary studio environment with an active focus on the topic of the emergent city.


American University of Beirut

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The American University of Beirut (AUB) is ico-D's newest Educational Member.

The AUB Department of Architecture and Design is home to approximately 300 students and 50 full and part time faculty members who work together in an open studio environment, offering programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The architecture program leads to the professional degree of Bachelor of Architecture (BArch). The graphic design program leads to the professional degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (BFA). 

The Department of Architecture and Design houses extensive, well-equipped labs and facilities, research centers, libraries, museums and studios, and works to be active within the larger community by holding regular debates and lecture series involving teachers, students and community in conversation around the subject of design and the city.

Final Year Projects: award-winning architectural design project by architecture student Salim Al Kadi


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AUB’s programming applies professional and technical skills within a process that is culturally and theoretically grounded. The discipline of design is approached as a cultural practice that engages social, economic and political issues and as a critical tool of inquiry that integrates process with product and methodology.

The diversity of the region, with its multitude of languages and cultures, as well as the universities' location within the diverse geographical setting of Beirut, acts a source and a subject of study in studios and research projects. The majority of student work and projects revolves around the notion of the city - with the metropolis of Beirut serving as a thematic link between the undergraduate and the graduate programs in Architecture, Graphic Design and Planning, and facilitates greater interaction between disciplines and with the professional community.



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