Winners of the Hiii Typography 2013 announced

08 January 2014
Hiiibrand has announced the winners of the Icograda endoresed 2013 Hiii Typography design competition.
The Icograda endorsed 2013 Hiii Typography is an international typography design competition. Open to world-wide enterprises, design institutes, design companies, designers and students in design, Hiiibrand Awards assembles their best identity, logo and package design works. Based on the website, this competitions aims to improve the development of brand design while awarding those who apply themselves to the excellent works around the world.

The competition is divided into two groups: Latin and Chinese, for which three categories are set up respectively: Typeface, Communication and Experimental.

Out of the 391 submissions received this year from more than 30 countries, a total 99 of them were selected (40 From the Latin group and 59 from the Chinese group).

Jury Award (Latin Group)

Pengfei Xu, Dan Cheng (China), "LIGHT IS SHORT, LIFE IS LONG"

Judge Comments: "This is a very odd, but compelling design. I don’t know what the phrase means, but its visual interpretation is fascinating. It is abstract and yet readable."

— Paul Shaw (letter designer and design historian, USA )

Wei Jing (China), "Dandelion Experimental Design Fonts"

Judges Comments: "I was drawn to the tension between randomness and order, the appearance of a grid and yet the lack of one."

— Joe Shouldice (YesYesYes Design, Canada)

Jury Award (Chinese Group)

Liang Chen (China), "Ling Rui Fonts"

Judges Comments: "The strokes and the shapes are original and creative. The fonts are separate from each other yet are compact, structured, harmoniously organized and uniformly spaced. They're showing great skill in gradation and definition. In general, this design is very refreshing and pleasing."

— Sammy Or (VMType, Hong Kong)


Honglin Zhu (China), "black & gold"

Judge Comments: "Surface versus line, motion versus stillness, writing brush versus digital, and eccentric versus normal. This is fascinating work that contains contrary two elements together. The form of the black surface is powerful, gives the rhythm to the typesetting. In harmony with the Jin Dongxin's calligraphy and Gothic typeface, and reasonably made each in square. We can see the applicant's ability here."

— Isao Suzuki (Type Project Inc., Japan)

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