Vale Walter Jungkind (1923-2013)

10 October 2013
Icograda remembers Former Icograda President Walter Jungkind (1923-2013).

Former Icograda President (1974-1977) Walter Jungkind passed on 29 August 2013, and will be greatly missed by the Icograda community.

Walter served on the Icograda board from 1974 to 1979, during which time he initiated and chaired the organising committee of the 'Icograda Edugraphic 75' conference at the University of Alberta, which was the first international conference on design education in North America, and the first Icograda conference outside of Europe.

As president of Icograda he was invited to bring fraternal greetings to the ICSID (International Council of Industrial Design) congress in Moscow in 1976. In 1977 he provided the thematic structure, 'Design for Public Service', for the Icograda Congress in Zurich and Lausanne. In 1979 he served on the organising committee and represented Icograda at the Congress on 'Design Evaluation' in Chicago. In 1981 he made a presentation to the joint ICSID/Icograda/IFI congress in Helsinki, Finland. In 2000 he was a guest at Icograda's Millennium Congress 'Oullim' in Seoul, Korea.

Walter was awarded Fellowship in the GDC in 1983 for his contributions to the Canadian graphic design industry.

In the fall of 2012 Walter was nominated by the GDC National Executive and was awarded the prestigious Icograda Achievement Award. At the ceremony, Former Icograda President (2001-2003) Rob L. Peters presented Walter with the Award and noted “Walter is a Mensch, a mentor, a friend and inspiration. He makes a lasting impression on people he meets, everywhere on the planet."

Icograda continues to honour Walter's lasting impression on the global design community.

Walter's life and contribution to Icograda will be acknowledged at the 25 Icograda General assembly this November in Montreal, Canada with a tribute from the Graphic Designers of Canada delivered by Adrian Jean.

Memorial donations in memory of Walter may be made to Plan International Canada (promoting child rights to end child poverty).