15 December 2000
Brussels (Belgium) - On 24-25 January 2001, an Icograda Regional Meeting for Western Europe will be held at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen.
Brussels (Belgium) - On 24-25 January 2001, an Icograda Regional Meeting for Western Europe will be held at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen. This unique meeting will bring together representatives of European professional graphic design and visual communications associations for an exchange of information and viewpoints. The meeting will provide the opportunity for participants to discuss the state of the graphic design profession, to compare new challenges, and to revitalize links with colleagues.

Western Europe was the birthplace of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) in 1963. This collaborative umbrella organization has made an important contribution to the growth and development of today's sophisticated graphic design community. Having achieved many of its early objectives, Icograda now seeks ways to better serve the needs of its 66 member associations around the globe and practicing design professionals worldwide. This Icograda Regional Meeting will permit an open exchange between participants and the Icograda Board. Association delegates will have the opportunity to make short presentations on the state of the design profession in their respective countries. Presentations will be followed by open discussion and the development of action proposals.

Icograda has recently organized Regional Meetings in Istanbul for the Middle East region, and in Seoul for the East Asian region. These gatherings were very successful in terms of participation, contact exchange and the development of new initiatives. Additional Icograda Regional Meetings are planned for Zagreb in April (for Eastern Europe) and for Habana, Cuba in June (for Central and South America).

Participation in this Icograda Regional Meeting is restricted to representatives of professional design associations, design promotion centers - whether or not they are members of Icograda.

Discussion topics will include:
1: Graphic Design in Western Europe: achievements, needs, problems and challenges?
2: the impact of new technologies on graphic design business?
3: multi-disciplinary design practice - a practical reality?
4: globalization and international markets - creation of business abroad?
5: Graphic Design Education - changing needs and opportunities?
6: exchange of knowledge and collaboration with designers in emerging economies?
7: How can Icograda best help graphic designers in Western Europe?

Icograda Regional Meeting
24 > 25 January 2001
Copenhagen, Denmark

For registration or more information, contact:

Thierry Van Kerm, Director
Icograda Secretariat
PO Box 5, Forest 2
B-1190 Brussels, Belgium
T: + 32 2 344 58 43
F: + 32 2 344 71 38