28 December 2001
Brussels (Belgium) - Icograda encorses the 2002 Nagoya Design Do! International Competition, on the theme of The Power of Fragility.
Brussels (Belgium) - The 2002 Nagoya Design Do! International Competition, Japan has received Icograda's endorsement. On the theme of The Power of Fragility, this biennial global competition covers all design disciplines and is open to any creative individuals or groups under 40 years old from around the world.  There is no fee for participation.  In addition to cash prizes (i.e. grand prix is 2 million yen, about 16,000 USD$), all winners will be awarded a trip to Japan to join an international, multi-disciplinary workshop.
(details of the workshop 2000 are available at www.idcn.jp/workshop_e/index.html)   
Any individual or group, under the age of 40, can apply. No restrictions are placed on the design area or speciality; all areas of design are applicable for entry. Only new works that have not yet been made public can be submitted.    
The deadline for submitting entries is 18 April 2002. Application Form can be downloaded at www.idcnagoy.co.jp/compe/e/form.html
* Icograda endorsement is a guarantee to participants that the design event has been organised in accordance with the approved international guidelines and standards. For information on Icograda endorsement, contact Thierry Van Kerm, Icograda Director at .

For more information contact:

Nagoya International Design Competition Secretariat    
International Design Centre NAGOYA Inc.    
Design Centre Building, 18-1, Sakae 3-chome
Naka-ku, Nagoya
460-0008 Japan    
W: www.idcnagoy.co.jp/compe/index.html