03 July 2001
Johannesburg (South Africa) - On July 3, the Icograda Foundation announced the list of recipients of its biennial scholarships for 2001.
Johannesburg (South Africa) - On July 3, the Icograda Foundation announced the list of recipients of its biennial scholarships for 2001. The aim of the scholarship scheme is to assist deserving young designers to attend Icograda Congresses. This year the Icograda Foundation offered 1,000 on behalf of the Marika Singer and Viviana Iliprandi Memorial Funds, and Design South Africa contributed an additional sponsorship of two free congress registrations to ensure that more individuals benefit from this worthy scheme.

The Icograda Foundation Scholarships are normally available to all Icograda members but in 2001 the trustees decided that it would appropriate to only award it to candidates from African member associations, as the Continental Shift Icograda Congress will take place in South Africa. The recipients are Curt Campbell, Nicole Cunnigham and Stella Viljoen from South Africa, and Jacob Ngandu and Sifelani x Zilawe from Zimbabwe.

Campbell, a postgraduate student at the University of Cape Town commented that: this conference will provide me with critical information that would otherwise be out of my reach both in terms of finance and opportunity. I intend to create a multiplier effect by sharing my experiences with my peers, students and clients . Cunnigham, a lecturer at University of Pretoria, stated that being a Master s student in Information Design, I participate enthusiastically in contemporary design discourse. The Continental Shift 2001 Congress provides an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions with those design thinkers whose work I have closely studied, and who have provided me with inspiration and fodder for further research. An international design congress of such calibre provides us with a wonderful opportunity to enrich our knowledge and reflect upon current design issues.

Viljoen, a lecturer in Visual Communication, History of Art and Film Studies, elaborated that as a South African my own research naturally gravitates towards the emergence of new hues and hybrids in South African visual communication. In exploring the depth and texture of design discourse in our country I have been confronted with many questions relating to authorship, authenticity and ethics. The Continental Shift Icograda Congress is the kind of conceptual speakers corner where opinions, ideas and confrontations spark the formulation of perhaps novel answers. The Icograda Foundation Scholarship provides an entrance to an otherwise exclusive world. It presents young minds with the opportunity to learn from old hands . As a postgraduate student and burgeoning academic it is a tremendous privilege to receive this scholarship, in part because of the personalities the congress attracts, in part because of the expertise and understanding they bring with them.

Zilawe, a digital designer based in Harare, stated that this would be an incredible opportunity for me to contribute my ideas and to share my experiences with the world's best designers on a global level. I would also be able to gain a wealth of knowledge from my fellow graphic designers from across the globe and also learn about their experiences as well, something that does not happen so often to a young graphic designer from a developing nation . Ngandu, the vice-chairperson of GRAZI commented that Africa s vast, dynamic and rich cultural and historical heritage remains dormant and unexplored in the international design arena. In this fast paced information age it is time for us as designers from Africa to share a visual language within our own communities and the world at large. Whether this visual language is born from our cultural and historical background, or founded upon the modern and dynamic cultures, we as designers are tasked with the responsibility of researching a new visual language and educating our world about good, effective and relevant design. The Icograda Congress will offer us the opportunity to make a valid contribution .

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Thierry Van Kerm
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The Continental Shift 2001 Icograda Congress will take place from September 11 to 14, 2001 at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa. Visit for more information.