28 June 2001
Brussels (Belgium) - Icograda announced today the addition of two new associations - from the Czech Republic and from China.
Brussels (Belgium) - The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) announced today the addition of two new associations - from the Czech Republic and from China. Provisional membership, which will be ratified at Icograda's next General Assembly in Johannesburg in September 2001, has been granted to the Typo Design Club of the Czech Republic (Full Membership) and Tsinghua University in China (Subscribing Member). This brings the total number of Icograda member associations to 71, representing 44 countries.

In concert with a Latin American Icograda Regional Meeting and a one day Icograda Design Perspectives Seminar, the Board of Icograda met for three days for strategic planning and to conduct of Icograda's affairs. Board Members also reviewed the development of the Icograda world congress, "Continental Shift 2001," which, with an impressive list of outstanding lecturers and attractive peripheral events, promises to be a memorable event. President Elect Robert Peters stated: "Hundreds of designers have already made their reservations to attend the Icograda Congress in Johannesburg. I'm confident in the success of this event, which will bring the world to Africa, and Africa to the world."

The first Icograda Design Perspectives Seminar, with the central theme of "Graphic Design in a Global Economy" was held in the Che Guevara Memorial Hall of Casa de las Americas, in Havana, Cuba, on June 13, 2001, hosted by the Comit Progr fica Cubana (Progr fica). More than 300 people from 24 countries attended this one-day Seminar, in a truly multi-national exchange. Seminar content included: a global journey exploring visual signs around the world (Robert L. Peters, Canada); the creation of a new writing system (Prof. Ahn Sang Soo, Korea); research re: the authenticity of Venezuelan graphic design (Jorge Montero, Venezuela); observations re: the cohabitation of local and global brands under the Australian sky (Russell Bevers, Australia); a plunge into the breathtaking South African graphic design style (Jacques Lange, South Africa); and a celebration of inspirational Japanese design (Leimei Julia Chiu).

The 19th Icograda world congress, "Continental Shift 2001," will take place in Sandton, South Africa in September 2001 in conjunction with Icograda's 19th General Assembly. The next Icograda Regional Meeting for Oceania and South Asian Countries will be held in Melbourne (Australia) in November 2001. An International Icograda Conference on the theme of "Identity/Integrity" will be held in Brno (Czech Republic) in June 2002. The 20th Icograda General Assembly and world design congress will be held in Nagoya, Japan in October 2003.

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Thierry Van Kerm
Icograda Director