01 June 2001
Brussels (Belgium) - The International symposium "Design Today and Tomorrow" was held on 9-10 April at the School of Econiomics, University of Zagreb.
Brussels (Belgium) - The International symposium "Design Today and Tomorrow" was held on 9-10 April at the School of Econiomics, University of Zagreb. Two Croatian design associations, ULUPUH and HDD, have seized the opportunity of hosting the Icograda Regional Meeing to establish the Design Days in Zagreb and have thus organized a series of events on design, including several exhibitions, as well as the international symposium "Design Today and Tomorrow".

The themes of the symposium included the redefiniton of the term graphic design, design and ethics, communication with clients and the place of graphic design in advertising agencies, design as a social tool, treatment of gender in design symbols, as well as the design profession in the countries in transition based on the experiences of designers themselves.

The symposium was opened with a lecture by the Icograda President, Mr. David Grossman from Izrael Whis is this milk carton looking at me?, followed by Sanja Bachrach-Kristofic, president od ULUPUH (Croatia) with a lecture on the role of gender in graphic design Does design have a gender?. Croatian designers Bruketa&Zinic have presented their work in a presentation symbolically named The Mission Imposssible .

Designer Irma Boom discussed her work through a video presentation. A valuable advice was then given to many present students of the Zagreb College of Design in a lecture How to talk to a client by Michael Hardt (Germany) and Icograda General Secretary Martha Bateman has presented the Continental Shift 2001 Congress to be held in South Africa in September 2001, followed by Garth Walker (SA) with the lecture Going forward while looking backward.

On Tuesday, the programme was continued by a lecture by the Icograda President Elect Robert Peters (Canada) Say what you mean, mean what you say , which raised various moral and ethical questions especially of interest to the present designers from the countries in transition. An interesting and valuable presentation was given by Sappi on their Ideas that matter project. Many Croatian designers present wished representatives from Croatian companies could have been there to see and hear about this project, as Sappi proved how valuable and important the support and interest of such a big company can be for the development of design.

An overview and insight into the Slovenian design scene was offered by designer Vesna Brekalo (Slovenia) in the lecture Designer s room with a view , followed by the lecture by the design theoretician and professor at the Zagreb College of Design, Fedja Vukic (Croatia) Design as a social tool - could it be more responsible , which has again brought focus to the ethical questions and the role of the designer as a socially responsible profession, which corresponded perfectly with the exhibition Design and Morality which opened that evening under the organization of ULUPUH. The Symposium closed with the presentation of the Icograda Congress Nagoya 2003 , by the Director of the Nagoya Design Centre, Ms. Lemei Julia Chiu.

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