27 April 2001
Brussels (Belgium) - One year ago, in Istanbul (Turkey) during the World Graphics Day party organized as part of the Grafist Festival, Icograda launched its website.
Brussels (Belgium) - One year ago, in Istanbul (Turkey) during the World Graphics Day party organized as part of the Grafist Festival, Icograda launched its website. This website and the weekly eNews launched a few months earlier have gained international recognition and have become a key reference source in the graphic design sector. These new communication tools have allowed Icograda to increase its contacts with and support to designers around the world. They have generated everywhere an increased interest in international matters and an obvious 'curiosity' for what's happening over the local, national or regional fences.     
1,500,000 hits in one year!     
Hopefully this is not the number of canddles Board Members will have to blow out today to celebrate Icograda's 38th anniversary. It's the number of hits recorded on Icograda website in one year!     
A 20% quarterly ongoing growth!     
Since 27 April 2000, Icograda website has recorded 1,500,000 hits! And the quarterly reports outline an encouraging and ongoing growth in terms of traffic: 20% between the second and third quarter of activity and again a 19% growth between the third and fourth quarter of activity (first quarter of 2001).     
Connexions, Galeria and Calendar, The most Visited Areas     
After the HomePage (43%), the most visited areas on Icograda website are  Connexions  (10%),  Galeria  (8%),  Calendar  (8%),  News  (6%) and  Feature  (5%).     
A business site profile     
The statistics and analysis conducted on the traffic demonstrate that Icograda website is considered and used as a business site. The busiest day of the week is Monday which is probably related to the sending of eNews during the week-end as it includes invitations to dedicated areas of the website (Galeria, Feature, Calendar and, recently Opinion). In terms of the time in the day, Icograda website appears to have a truly international audience as the traffic... never stops: when someone is back home, someone else, somewhere else on the planet, is coming to the office.      
USA is Looking Over the Fences!     
Icograda website gives graphic designers a wonderful opportunity to be aware of what's happening around the world. It's a good way to look over the fences and to take the benefit of exchanges and sharing. The following figures also express the needs and the growing interest of designers in some countries for international matters.     
In the  Top Ten  by countries, the surprise comes from the leader, the USA, which expressed the highest interest, ongoingly, since September 2000! A very encouraging figure if one takes into account Icograda has, at the moment, no member association in this part of the world!     
These figures by country also highlight the spread repartition of the audience and its truly international profile.     
Asia is also very well represented in the Top Ten, with 4 countries: Japan, Korea, Taiwan but also China which comes far ahead European countries like Spain, Germany or France.     
Top Ten by Countries     
1.- USA: 15%     
2.- Canada: 7.5%     
3.- Australia: 5.3%     
4.- Italy: 4,2%     
5.- Belgium: 4%     
6.- England: 3.7%     
7.- Taiwan: 3.5%     
8.- Japan: 3.1%     
9.- China: 2.8%     
10.- Korea: 2.7%     
In terms of the Top Ten of viewers by city, in decreasing order, we find: Seoul (Korea), Winnipeg (Canada), London (United Kingdom), Santa Clara (USA), Montreal (Canada), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Brussels (Belgium), Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico) and Toronto (Canada). Three Canadian cities within the Top Ten!     
A Better Use of Icograda Website     
Although these figures give Icograda a positive feedback on the investment made in this project, some valuable information posted for sharing on Icograda website still remain underestimated and underused by graphic designers. This is probably due to a lack of communication about this information. Some very valuable professional documents have been posted by Association like GDC (Canada), AGDA (Australia) or BNO (The Netherlands). These documents are at the disposal of Icograda Members' Members and will for sure contribute to raise the recognition and the standards of graphic design around the world. If use is made of it, of course...   
In the near future, efforts will be made to encourage designers and design associations to make the best use of the actual website, the best way to be prepared for the new version of Icograda website, currently under development.     

But that's another story...

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Thierry Van Kerm
Icograda Director