European Commission invites tenders for Future innovation policy development actions

08 July 2010
Brussels (Belgium) - The European Commission, Enterprise and Industry, has announced a Call for Tender for Future innovation policy development actions. The deadline for tenders is 23 July 2010.
Brussels (Belgium) - The European Commission, Enterprise and Industry, has announced a Call for Tenders for Future innovation policy development actions.

This call for tenders aims to prepare future innovation policy measures of various nature, and includes three lots:
  • LOT1: A study assessing options for the future structure and implementation methods of the innovation-related EU funding programmes. The study aims also at exploring the feasibility of a common application and information system for the harmonisation with Member States' programmes and the possible combination of funding from different programmes.
  • LOT 2: A Secretariat for the European Design Innovation Initiative and its Leadership Board, to support the Commission in launching the initiative in 2011.
  • LOT 3: A study on future EU support to public procurement of innovative solutions which will assess the feasibility of different options and will provide recommendations on how an EU scheme should be conceived and implemented.

About the European Design Innovation Initiative

The aim of the European Design Innovation Initiative is to create an open and
flexible platform to bring together in joint action stakeholders with an interest in
integrating and mainstreaming design into innovation (policy, support, projects), and a capacity to contribute to this development. The target groups would include e.g. the innovation departments of Member States ministries (and potentially other departments), innovation agencies, innovation-oriented design support organisations, international design organisations, major design schools and research centres, regional design institutions with focus on innovation, SME organisations, design driven companies and the Commission.

Specific objectives of the EDII and its Leadership Board:
  • To better integrate design into innovation (projects, policy, support) by creating a joint platform/forum;
  • To develop a joint vision, joint priorities and joint action with the Commission and stakeholders across Europe;
  • To improve the circulation of experiences and good practices in the area of design policy, support, education and research;
  • To provide advice to the Commission on policy matters related to design and innovation;
  • To raise awareness of design-driven innovation. If the initiative is successful, it will attract other design and innovation players (e.g. innovation support organisations, regions, Member States) who have not yet made the link between the two.
The EDII will be governed by its Leadership Board to be nominated and
operational as soon as possible. The LB will meet four times in its first year, three times in the following years. The Commission will participate in the meetings of the LB. An annual or bi-annual European Design Innovation Summit will bring stakeholders together, hosted by interested organisations.

Deadline: 23 July 2010.

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