On World Graphics Day, Icograda asks "What is the value of design?"

17 February 2010
Montreal (Canada) - This year on 27 April - World Graphics Day 2010, Icograda invites individuals worldwide to use the power of social media to complete the sentence: "I value design because...".
Montreal (Canada) - World Graphics Day has been celebrated annually on 27 April since 1995 as an occasion for designers to reflect and hope that Icograda's global network can contribute to greater understanding between people and help build bridges where divides and inequities exist. This year, the occasion coincides with the conference opening of Design Currency: Icograda Design Week in Vancouver, hosted by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC).

Building on our strategic priorities of global advocacy, unity and engagement, Icograda is inviting a global exchange on design's value. On 27 April 2010, using the power of social media, individuals worldwide can complete the sentence: "I value design because..."

Ways to participate:
  1. Stick to the point. Use 140 characters on twitter.com with the hash tag #wgd2010
  2. Show us how you see it. Post images on flickr.com that represent design's value and add them to the group World Graphics Day
  3. Speak your mind. Post video on youtube.com with the tag 'World Graphics Day'
  4. Tell all your Friends. Change your status on facebook.com

"Social media offers us the opportunity to bring the global community to Vancouver on the 27 April," says Russell Kennedy, Icograda's President. "Defining the value of design is a discussion that should include as many voices as possible. Design is at a pivotal point in its development. Its ability to innovate, facilitate innovation and value-add is central. Communication design intersects with every other design discipline... and design itself intersects with every other aspect of our lives. Icograda wants to engage as many people as possible in defining design's value today."

"People can post, upload and tweet as often and as much as they want throughout the day," says Rod Roodenburg, GDC President and a Design Currency 2010 co-chair. "We will start capturing the dialogue as it kicks off in the morning on the 27 April and incorporate the highlights in the opening session of the conference that evening. Over the rest of the week, we'll use the threads as source material to challenge our speakers and audience."

Icograda encourages an international culture of collaboration to increase the impact and appreciation of design.

For more information, please contact:

Brenda Sanderson
Managing Director
T: +1 514 448 4949 × 226

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