The Icograda Education Network welcomes two new members

01 February 2010
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to welcome the American University of Kuwait and the Universidad Autómna de Guadalajara Campus Tabasco, Mexico, to the Icograda Education Network (IEN).
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to welcome two new members to the Icograda Education Network (IEN). The American University of Kuwait and the Universidad Autómna de Guadalajara Campus Tabasco, Mexico, offer competitive design education opportunities for students seeking a professional advantage in the field.

American University of Kuwait
An independent, private, equal opportunity, and co-educational liberal arts institution of higher education, the American University of Kuwait (AUK) offers students a quality education based on an American college model. The faculty, administration, and staff work hard to create a caring environment where every aspect of student's development gets attention and support. The course of study is designed to prepare students for the contemporary world where critical thinking, communication skills, and life-long learning have become imperative.

The Graphic Design (GDES) degree program at AUK offers students the opportunity to pursue a degree emphasising a balance of theory and practice in art and science of visual communication. Both the teaching and practice are emphasised to foster critical thinking and problem solving that prepare the student for the real-world challenges one will face in the professional sphere. The program is also inspired by a vision that design methodology and technologies can support the creative exploration of traditional and modern design concepts and principles. The program includes history of graphic design, typography, symbols, information design, systems, 3D, and multi-media design.

GDES program graduates are instilled with the skills of marketable designers and are prepared for employment in graphic design studios, publishing houses, corporations, non-profit institutions, film and video production companies, advertising, and multimedia firms.

Universidad Autómna de Guadalajara Campus Tabasco, Mexico
An institution of culture, science, education, art and technology at the service of humanity, the Universidad Autómna de Guadalajara seeks to educate at the highest level and fulfill students in intellectual, moral, social, physical and professional ways.

The Autonomous University of Guadalajara, located in Mexico, was first founded in 1953 and today is a leading institution in higher education, forming men and women capable of contributing to the welfare and prosperity of the community.

The mission of our Graphic Design School at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara campus Tabasco, México, is to prepare highly educated professionals in the field of the visual communications in order to fulfill and satisfy the need of the society by applying creativity, technology and vanguard design.

Its vision is to be the best professional choice when talking about teaching Graphic Design by offering professional graduates, experts in solving visual communication problems. It also aims to be considered the best source of university graduates, highly requested in the working field, leading the Graphic Design area.

For more information about membership, please contact:

Fareed Ramezani
Membership and Communications Manager

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