Aiap selects new Executive for 2010-2012

14 December 2009
Milan (Italy) - The Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva (Aiap) has elected its 2010-2012 Board, including Daniela Piscitelli as President, Cinzia Ferrara as Vice-president and Massimo Porcedda as General Secretary.
Milan (Italy) - On Friday the 6 November 2009, the Associazione Italiana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva (Aiap) held the first meeting of its new Board. As established by the association's statutes, the new President, Vice-President and General Secretary were chosen among the board, for the 2010-2012 three-year period.

[Image: Daniela Piscitelli]Daniela Piscitelli is the new President; She is an architect and graphic designer, is a researcher at the College of Architecture of the Second University of Naples since 2004, where she works on research and teaching at the Degree Course of Industrial Design. She is also a member of the Teaching Board of the international design and innovation PhD.

She has been part of national research groups, attended seminars in Italy and abroad and collaborated with International School of Design and Polytechnics,  having also cultural exchanges with many faculties in China and North America.

Her works have been published by national and international magazines and displayed in several exhibitions such as "S'affiche: Le Jazz Europèen" Toulouse 1990; "Roma Pecs Milano: grafici Ungheresi, grafici Italiani" Rome 1993; "I love Pompei" Naples, 2002; "Posterama: Manifesti italiani per le strade di Bruxelles" Bruxelles 2004; "Muri Parlanti", Salerno 2005.

At the moment she is involved in two main research lines. A more speculative one aims at investigating the relation between ethic and communication. The other one aims at noticing the stylistic transformations and the historical evolution in the graphic design of the Pacific area. In this way her researches on the Californian design and the Asian design were born.

The Vice President is Cinzia Ferrara and the General Secretary is Massimo Porcedda. Moreover in the new executive board there are: Matteo Carboni, Beppe Chia, Gaetano Grizzanti, Francesco E. Guida (former AIAP's director), Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Lucia Roscini.

Beppe Chia, Aiap President from 2007 to 2009, therefore leaves his office to Daniela Piscitelli, who will be joined by Cinzia Ferrara and Massimo Porcedda, elected during the Naples-based October General Assembly: these nominations indicate the will to move forward continuously, to involve new energies and diverse points of view.

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