Icograda welcomes three new members

18 November 2009
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda is pleased to welcome three new members to the network: the Madrid Designers' Association (Spain), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Supremum Group (Poland).
Montreal (Canada) - Icograda, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, is pleased to welcome three new members. The Madrid Designers' Association (Spain), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Supremum Group (Poland) further strengthen Icograda's global network of communication designers.

Madrid Designers' Association (Spain)

A new Professional Member, the Madrid Designers' Association (DIMAD) is a non-profit organisation which develops its activities both within the Madrid Autonomous Region and on an international level. It was established in 2005 with the main purpose of becoming a strategic tool and reference for the promotion, projection and dissemination of design culture to society at large.

Through new opportunities as a member of Icograda, DIMAD is looking forward to international collaboration and discussion around design an instrument of social and cultural intermediation. Read more >>

Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media (Singapore)

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art Design and Media, has joined Icograda as an Educational Member. The school was formed in 2004 with the strategic goal of fostering a creative industry and creating a new design practice in Singapore. The school curriculum is developed around interdisciplinary learning in Design and Media with majors in visual communication, product design, interactive media, digital film making, digital photography and imaging, emotive robotics and digital animation.

As part of the network, the school anticipates building on this international platform for exchange, sharing and collaboration with other institutions.

Supremum Group (Poland)

Supremum Group - Design and Advertising Agency is a new Corporate Member, based in Kraków, Poland. Established in 2001, Supremum Group specialises in integrating comprehensive procedures into advertising and creating and implementing innovative solutions in design. The agency is committed to international best practices in design and advertising; and supports the design sector in Poland.

Through this new membership, Supreumum Group looks forward to building international connections with design professionals around the world so as to both promote Polish design abroad and bring new design thinking home to Poland. Read more >>

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