01 October 2008
Montréal (Quebec) - The IFA's 9th Global Conference and Expo on Ageing and Design has fulfilled its objective of making plans for more inclusive and age-friendly societies
Montréal (Quebec) - The IFA's 9th Global Conference and Expo on Ageing and Design has fulfilled its objective of making plans for more inclusive and age-friendly societies.

The Conference concluded on 7 September, 2008, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, after 4 days of discussions, workshops and symposiums that allowed delegates to touch base on what has been done and what is left to be done to prepare for the arrival of an important demographic wave of older people.

The Conference proved itself as a catalyst for all countries wishing to take action in the face of population ageing. "We have demonstrated over the last days that ageing is not only the preoccupation of academics or social workers. We have seen researchers, public and private decision-makers, designers, architects, manufacturers and service providers committed to working together to better serve an increasingly ageing population", declared Mrs. Irene Hoskins, President of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA).

The international community of Age-Friendly Cities will get bigger
"The Montréal Conference has also permitted the reflection of the Age-Friendly Cities project, which was launched in 2005 by the World Health Organization (WHO)" said Mrs. Hoskins. During the Conference, several Government Officials discussed the integration of this vast project in their respective communities.

"While much work is still to be realised, observed Mr. Claude Béland, Co-President of the event, we have seen that many countries across the globe started to change their behaviors, their laws and their customs to facilitate and better integrate, in practice, the needs of older people, while eliminating some barriers that can prevent them from fully contributing to their society. These processes are calling to the people of Québec and making us realize current and future approaches must also be adapted to this new reality."

For Mr. Béland, one of the major achievements of these 4 days of exchange was the important sensitisation to creating a society which was more inclusive to older persons. "This social challenge is clearly a target for today's decision-makers. And we all understand that the phenomenon of population ageing could be a fruitful and positive step in the history of our planet."

A unique exhibition
Designing the environment for older persons is a new concept that merges the interest of researchers for solutions to concrete problems experienced by elders with business development.

The opportunity presented by this Global Conference was seized to organise the first edition of the Expo Ageing & Design Montréal. Businessmen, manufacturers, designers and other professionals demonstrated their products, services and concepts bringing solutions to the needs of elders. Just over 3000 people visited the Expo on Saturday when the doors were open to the public.

The 10th edition of the IFA's Global Conference on Ageing
When leaving Montréal on 7 September, delegates were invited to set Melbourne in May 2010 as the destination for their next meeting for the IFA's 10th Global Conference on Ageing. Visit www.ifa2010.org for more information.

The 9th Global Conference on Ageing is an Icograda endorsed event.

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