08 November 2006
Graphic Design Manifesto
Graphic Design Manifesto

1. What we, Graphic Designers are.
Human beings before Designers.
Graphic Designers are visual communicators, creators of messages.
We are creators of ethics and aesthetics.
We are thinkers, decoders of information, image, identity and communication as well as transformers of visual codes.
We are agents of visual education, image, word, and environment.
We are generators, transformers, readers, researchers, creators and editors of visual codes and languages.
We are constructors, re-constructors and de-constructors.
We read and interpret contexts and realities and enrich culture.
We are necessary professionals to work in interdisciplinary projects.
We are neither artists nor artisans.
We aren t publicists or draughtsmen.
We aren t secretaries with Corel.

2.What we study
We study users, consumers, tendencies, contexts and environments.
We study the power of the image and its components.
We study the different communicative statements.
We study and research the verbal and non-verbal signs from semiotic and hermeneutic.

3.What we do
We conceptualise, project and carry out ideas to generate sensations and reactions; taking into account the functional, communicative and productive aspects of what we do.
We create inside the areas of information, ludic, persuasion and education.
We enrich culture and language proposing different ways of looking at the world with high levels of innovation
We produce design for ecstatic and dynamic images in two or three dimensions, which allow us to intervene in various media
We make of Design a form of efficient communication.
We create forms with comprehensible contents.

4.What we, Graphic Designers, can propose to our country
Generate visual culture.
We want Design to be a democratic service.
Create languages based on cultural identities and show them, with character, to the world.
Gather as an active and dynamic guild for society.
Propose the seed of calmness against chaos
Keep ethical and critical positions and visions towards the environment, what we do and what we are proposed. In other words, that design does not threaten human dignity and integrity.
Enrich and harmonize the visual environment in a constructive way to create positive attitudes and reactions.
Comunication cultures where there is coherence between thinking, feeling and acting
Put Design to the service of human development; to sensitize and educate the user and consumer of the product and help to break the cultural and social stereotyped models; that is, to make a pedagogical tool out of design.
Create environmental consciousness and quality of life through the use of alternative and non-pollutant materials
Intervene the urban context to make it more kind, human, domestic, liveable, tolerant, and agreeable.
We have the power and we are going to use it to create well being. We can carry nonconformity to other level by creating paper rifles.

Signed in Medellin, Colombia the 26th of April 2002.

Students Participants
Colegiatura Colombiana Institucion Universitaria
Lina Isabel Ramirez Alexander Gil Catalina Vasquez Sebastian Mesa Paula Rodriguez Sara Montoya Alejandra Gallego Maria Luisa Correa Juan Camilo Ramirez Alejandro Uribe Catalina Lleras Sandra Cardeno Jorge Castrillon Andres Felipe Osorio Daniela Peters Manuela Correa Andrea Gaviria Carolina Jaramillo Paula Alzate Adriana Garcia Alejandro Londono Carolina Angel Veronica Gil Juliana Tobon Valeria Londono Elizabeth Lopez Manuela Uribe Maria Adelaida Sanin Alejandro Diez Carolina Arias Vanesa Botero Paula Mejia Echeverri Esteban Sanin Andres Bustamante
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Nelson Andres Correa Lopez Esteban Uribe Veronica Alvarez Cadavid Juan David Lopez M. Natalia Arbelaez Marin Cristina Saldarriaga Carrillo Lina Maria Trujillo Carolina Carvajal Ana Maria Zambrano Sonia Rodriguez Diaz Cesar Augusto Franco Catalina Lopez Hernandez Tatiana Saenz Davila Natalia Ochoa Hoyos Diego Pena San Miguel Laura Garcia Gomez Ana Cristina Monsalve Gaviria Juan David Giraldo Carlos Andres Ortiz Pedro Pablo Serna Carolina Ochoa Cristina Giraldo Diana A. Echeverry Diana Maria Loaiza Catalina Lopera Jose Andres Trujillo Daniel Lotero A. Alejandro Arango G. Ricardo Mira Alejandro Ramirez Samia Taleb Velasquez Ana Carolina Castro Mauricio Morales Sergio Villa
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Maria Adelaida Correa Angela Maria Zapata V. Laura Durango Q.
Colegiatura Colombiana Institucion Universitaria
Diego Mesa Gonzalez Carlos Alberto Rua P. Maria Luisa Eslava Cristina Castagna Carolina Bernal Ana Maria Velasquez Juan Manuel Serrano
Translation : d.g. Alvaro Ramirez M.

Colegiatura Colombiana Institucion Universitaria. Medellin - Colombia
Date : 26 April 2002
Motive: International Graphic Design Day
Signeed by:
38 Estudents of Facultad de diseno Grafico Colegiatura Colombiana Institucion Universitaria
34 Estudents of Facultad de Diseno de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
7 Profesors of Facultad de diseno Grafico Colegiatura Colombiana Institucion Universitaria
3 Profesors of la Facultad de Diseno Grafico de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

WE INVITE students, profesors, graphic designers and associations from Colombia and the world, to sign this manifest .
Feliz Dia Del Disenador Grafico.