08 November 2006
Nicole Sors
Nicole Sors

There is a new breed of talent that can salvage the Internet. They are the new Web Directors, the online version of what has made film, television and print advertising and entertainment so successful. This is the time to propel them, generating a new platform and possible association for creative professionals engrossed with, and eager to learn more about, Internet capabilities.

Up until now, the Internet has been governed by highly technological minds who have little or no creative background. The failure of the internet lies on its reliance on computer guys who promised the world and couldn t deliver, says a Microsoft executive. The result has been bland and ineffective online advertising, failing entertainment portals, and overall disillusionment with online marketing tools. In revering technology, creativity has been overlooked. Creative geniuses who have propelled and captured audiences through traditional media have also been ignored. There is an immediate need for the introduction of a new profession, one that will bring specialized and artistic talent to the forefront of the Internet. These are the Web Directors. They are the future of the Internet, emblematic of the perfect marriage between knowledge of traditional production and creative processes (in TV, film, and animation), knowledge of graphic design, and an understanding of multimedia technologies, interactivity, and internet technologies.

Web Directors are not your typical web designers. With backgrounds in film, television, animation and advertising, they maintain the highest level of design and artistic integrity while developing (or working in conjunction with) technical expertise beyond that of conventional web programmers. Structuring production and client/agency relations with the same model as the big TV production houses, Web Directors go through similar creative processes by writing scripts, preparing storyboards and drawing from a large pool of talent to crew up for each job.

Nikolai Mentchoukov (President/Web Director) and Alan James Edwards (CEO/Web Director) are the co-founders of Integral Pictures, a rich media production studio based in New York City that cultivates the expansion of this new field, providing their clients with the missing element for their marketing strategies. The problem says Mentchoukov, is that people still treat the Internet as ancillary to other industries and are not treating it as a unique and powerful mass media. The Internet has it s own set of limitations and advantages, and until those are addressed specifically, advertising and entertainment will not be successful. The sizes of the banner or static images are not necessarily the obstacles to success, it is the people behind the creative who make it or break it. If we recognize the Web as its own separate medium and the unique people whose specialized skills and creativity should serve and structure it, online products will be much more effective.

Integral hopes and would be privileged to represent a set of Web Directors that clients/agencies can peruse the same way they examine and choose directors for their TV spots. Each Web Director s work has different strengths, look and feel, and once chosen they helm a web production collaborating with technical experts, programmers, voice-over artists, and sound editors. In addition, Integral has all necessary technologies and a proved infrastructure to optimally implement a Web Director s vision with no download time, even over slow modems and with a TV-like quality. Interactive marketing should be treated with the same scrutiny as traditional media advertising so that a campaign can be as forceful creatively across ALL media.

Before the Internet bust, according to USA Today, in 1999, Internet advertising revenues were $5.3 billion and were expected to reach $45.5 billion by the year 2005. If online success can once again be proven, the potential revenues could soar even higher than previously expected and demand for Web Directors would only increase.

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