President's Message: World Communication Design Day 2012

27 April 2012
Icograda President Leimei Julia Chiu invites members and design stakeholders everywhere to participate in World Communication Design Day 2012.

Dear Colleagues,

[Image: Leimei Julia Chiu]I hope you will join us in marking World Communication Design Day 2012. The theme 'Convergence' celebrates the changes in design practice: the digital revolution; cross-disciplinary collaboration; the convergence of 'expanded media'; and open-source creative capital. This day also honours all those involved in promoting the value of communication design throughout the world today.

At the Icograda General Assembly 24 in Taipei, delegates voted to adopt the full name 'International Council of Communication Design' while retaining 'Icograda' in common use. This name reflects the convergence of disciplines around graphic design for which Icograda was founded. You will see the new name in official communications and documents from 27 April forward.

Celebrating another aspect of convergence, Rediscovery 2012 is the first INDIGO-themed Icograda Design Week, bringing to the forefront the value of integrating indigenous knowledge, business innovation and unique craft skills in contemporary design. I invite you to be part of this vital dialogue and help seed and nurture design ideas for the future.

In 2013 Icograda will mark a yearlong celebration of our 50 anniversary, culminating at the General Assembly 25 in Istanbul, Turkey. We encourage members and stakeholders to participate in their own events throughout the year. Your Executive Board has already begun preparations and a unique branding system, which will be unveiled later this year.

Please share your experiences and interpretations of 'Convergence' in communication design and help promote its value on World Communication Design Day 2012 through our Facebook Group and on Twitter with the #wcdd2012 hashtag.


Leimei Julia Chiu
Icograda President 2011-2013