13 November 2006
Xavier Bermudez, Trama Visual, Mexico
Xavier Bermudez, Trama Visual, Mexico

Poster by Chaz Maviyane Davies, Zimbabwe

Today the use of new digital reproduction technologies, and their placement in urban spaces specially designed for easy visualization, place the poster in a position of vital importance for the adequate dissemination of information related with social interest issues. This collection shows the new range of possibilities offered by the contemporary poster and its connection with water, a subject of worldwide interest.

"Reflections of Water" is a collection of thoughts and opinions turned into posters that place us in front of a mirror to show us a problem created by mankind, and at the same time, a time for reflection and awareness that only we are responsible of the future.

Design, conceived as a developmental tool, and in this particular case as an instrument for the diffusion of a universal theme, has generated in the participating authors from the five continents, a new form of collaboration, which emphasizes the importance using their creativity to raise collective awareness towards the importance of water preservation for the future of life in planet Earth.

Diverse forms of expression, representation techniques that go from the traditional to new ways of expression, share places in this international collection, which is nothing but an extraordinary example of collaboration between the organizing institutions and the designers, devoted to the development of social interest projects, that are also supported by corporations interested in participating with their technology and services.

For the first time, a collection of such importance can be seen out in the streets as part of the cultural activities organized by Comisi n Nacional del Agua, Trama Visual A.C. and the International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico, in parallel to the 4th World Water Forum.

We express our gratitude to the authors of these beautiful posters for their talent and generosity, as well as to Hewlett Packard Mexico and Grupo Equipamientos Urbanos de M xico, corporations that appreciate the importance of this subject and have sponsored the digital prints and their placement at bus stops in Mexico City.

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