• 27 Apr 2012
    Icograda President Leimei Julia Chiu invites members and design stakeholders everywhere to participate in World Communication Design Day 2012.
  • 18 Apr 2012
    DIMAD, an Icograda Member from Spain, shares with us the response put forth by READ a recently formed national design network of which they are a member. This response was developed in light of recent controversy over the logo presented by the Madrid Olympic Committee in their bid for the 2020 summer games.
  • 04 Apr 2012
    Letter.2, the second international competition organised by ATypI, was a celebration of typographical excellence held in Buenos Aires in October 2011. It brought together a jury of experts who had the difficult task of selecting the decade's best designs within the framework of an exciting conference attended by a large number of delegates from across the region. Víctor García shares his impressions.