• 22 Jul 2009
    Originally published in July 2004 for www.designinflight.com, this article by netdiver editor, Carole Guevin, reflects on the importance of creativity in dealing with global challenges in a way that is still quite pertinent today.
  • 15 Jul 2009
    With thousands of new visual identities flooding the market all the time, is it possible to create anything that hasn't been done before? Yes, you can cut through the clutter. But start by understanding the history and rules of effective design. In this article, originally published in Applied Arts Magazine, Hans Kleefeld looks at the trends and shifts in visual identities over the past 50 years, and beyond.
  • 01 Jul 2009
    Despite design agencies' claim to be visual experts on identity and representational questions, contemporary realities such as cultural diversity and hybrid identities in multicultural social contexts seem to be neglected issues within the profession of identity construction and the production of representation (visual identity design, corporate design and branding).