• 22 Apr 2009
    In an image-saturated world, type design can have a hard time standing out. In this Feature, Matthias Hillner looks at the new ways of using transitional typography and motion graphics to transmit information. With various examples of experimental work, advertisement strategies and signage, Matthias Hillner shows how innovative design has impacted us in the past, and where virtual typography might be headed in the future.
  • 15 Apr 2009
    In honour of the fiftieth anniversary of Diseño Shakespear, an Argentina-based design agency led by renowned designer Ronald Shakespear, Icograda Past President Jorge Fascara has contributed week's Feature as a tribute to this significant milestone.
  • 01 Apr 2009
    In this second half of the article, originally published in TYPO magazine, author Zdeno Kolesár looks at Slovak design from the mid-1990s to the present. During this time, younger generations have transitioned between traditional methods and more radical approaches, confronting typography and layout in ways that often received both international recognition and criticism from older generations.