5th Arts and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019) Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

01 November 2019
02 November 2019

ico-D is pleased to endorse The 5th Arts and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019) from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University to be held in Beijing at the National Museum of China and Tsinghua University organised by ico-D Member Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University.

The Tsinghua University’s Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium was co-founded by Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Prof. Tsung-Dao Lee and esteemed artist Prof. Wu Guanzhong. The event aims to reveal the inner relation between art and science through demonstration as well as academic discussion of frontier exploration, domestic and international, in art and science. It’s also founded in the hope of expanding and deepening artistic and scientific studies, improving innovation level, as well as facilitating harmonious development in both fields. So far, four successful sessions of the event have been held respectively in 2001, 2006, 2012, and 2016.

The 5th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019) theme is AS-Helix: The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. The AS-Helix exhibition and symposium encourage dialogues and reflections in relevant fields such as human cognition, production revolution, future education, art paradigm, design innovation, health and medical care, and sustainable development. It also explores how art and science can be deeply integrated in the age of AI, and how we can promote sustainable development based on the concept of consultation, contribution and shared benefits.


The design disciplines for work in the The 5th Arts and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019) include:

Fine arts
New media art
Industrial design
Service design
Architecture and environmental design
Visual communication design
Textile and fashion design
Ceramic design
and other correlated art and design research.

The research topics submitted to the exhibition and symposium includes, but not limited to the following themes: 

Art and science innovation practice
Artificial intelligent application
Multidisciplinary Design innovation
Culture heritage and craft practice
Healthcare design innovation
Social innovation, Designing for production revolution
Learning and future education Service design for inclusive and Sustainable development
Robotics for Art and Design

All kinds of research papers that embody a combination of exploring arts and science innovations are welcome as well. We welcome a broad engagement with the field and invite submissions works and papers from a diverse range of researchers and practitioners from the various arts and science and others who make a relevant contribution to the field. The exhibition and symposium will provide a trans-disciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, end-users and policy makers from the arts and science professions to exchange and discuss new findings, approaches and methods. We wish to bring together engaged professionals and scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds, fields of knowledge production and methodological approaches to explore the AS-Helix !


30 August 2019 - Deadline for submission
01 September 2019 - Registration open
01 November 2019 - The exhibition and symposium opening


The event is sponsored by The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, The Ministry of Culture of China, and The Ministry of Education of China.


Official Website for: The 5th Arts and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019)
ico-D Member profile page: Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University


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