IDD 2019 - To The Women Who Design: The Red Triangle Movement

02 May 2019
02 May 2019

ico-D is pleased to endorsed IDD 2019 - To The Women Who Design: The Red Triangle Movement organised by Member INTI Center of Art & Design, Subang on 2 May 2019 in Subang Jaya (Malaysia).


IDD 2019 (ICAD Design Days 2019) - To The Women Who Design: The Red Triangle Movement is an interdisciplinary design event held in conjunction with the ico-D World Design Day 2019: Women in Design and IFI World Interiors Day. It aims to combine and celebrate diverse design disciplines in order to raise awareness about the connections and impacts of design has on our well-being. This year, our theme is dedicated “To The Women Who Design” and for the month of May, we will be launching the Red Triangle Movement to celebrate and commemorate some of the most influential and accomplished women whose designs and works are driving changes in transforming lives. These mighty women don’t just make the world look good, they also offer the brightest ideas to improve the environment, the society and the communities around them.
ICAD Design Days (IDD) is an interdisciplinary design event consisting of curated activities, including talks, workshops, and exhibitions related to the theme.
IDD aims to bring together different design disciplines, celebrating diversity in the industry while raising awareness about the value of the profession and how design impacts our wellbeing.
The Red Triangle movement is a month-long campaign inspired by the American World War 2 ‘We Can Do It’ poster. Rosie the Riveter donning the spotted red bandana was seen as an inspirational icon to boost the morale of working women. We find that the Red Bandana is a fitting symbol to spread goodwill amongst the working women in society. 
The event includes:
1. The Red Triangle Movement - By selling designed red bandana, we hope to raise funds to support aspiring women designers who are embarking on their journey towards startups, small/side projects and turning their creative ideas into reality. 
2. The Red Creation Project - To celebrate the "IDD 2019 - To The Women Who Design: The Red Triangle Movement", students will be engaged with design projects such as designing a bandana or typographic poster that reflect the theme. Their "red" creations will later be exhibited alongside "The Mighty Red Bandana" during the period of the event.
3. The "Mighty Red Bandana" - We will be connecting 50 red bandanas highlighting 50 mighty voices to underline the absence of women's perspectives. The works will be created by some of the most influential women designers and creatives. The final work will measure almost 82 feet long!
4. Officiating Ceremony - An officiating ceremony will feature a discussion forum led by 3 local female designers representing various design sectors. 
The Red Creation Project and The Mighty Red Bandana will be exhibited in multiple locations to enhance awareness around women and design.


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