3rd Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition

19 October 2019
20 October 2019


ico-D is pleased to endorse the 3rd Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition organised by ico-D Member Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


In order to promote the international exchange and sharing of jewellery design resources, to explore the mechanism of jewellery design education and industry development, and to promote the academic level of jewellery design with the global joint resources of colleges and universities, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) has set up the International Jewellery College Association (IJCA). The IJCA now seeks Endorsement (Please fill in the Confirmation Letter) and will hold an Inaugural Meeting on 19 October 2019 to 20 October 2019 as well as the 3rd Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition.
IJCA is an internationally focused, industry-serving, open, innovative and collaborative development, building a harmonious, comprehensive and sustainable jewellery design resources sharing platform. The aim is to host jewellery events, design exhibitions, forums, academic conferences, and other activities, as well as the establishment of jewellery design course database. The business scope of the IJCA is to follow international design industry business trends, continue innovating, improving the competitiveness of the association.
IJCA aims to:
  • develop and share jewellery design innovations globally
  • initiate and advocate design intellectual property protection
  • encourage cross-industry design collaboration
  • encourage new technology in the application of innovation in jewellery design
  • maintain the common promoting the further opening up of jewellery education through networking with other international and regional trade organisations
Select IJCA goals include: to hold an international conference every 1 to 2 years for students, educators and researchers, which is to be organised by the Association’s Council members by turns, to promote exchange, interaction and development of the profession and to convene international jewellery design and education summits. The Association shall publish the information at its website one year in advance. IJCA will organise international youth jewellery design contests, thereby selecting and rewarding highly talented designers that have original concepts, ideas and thinking. To build the website of the Association and boost the popularity of the Association and its members. To make the regulations of the Association, and formulate industrial standards, in order to strengthen the links between the members of the Association and the self-discipline of the industry, form a complete industrial chain, and expand the development space for the industry. To conduct other activities as required for the development of the Association.
Please check the IJCA Charter (PDF) for more more detailed information. 
November  2018 - April 2019: Call for endorsements of the International Jewellery College Association. Please fill in the Confirmation Letter and send the form back to the secretariat of IJCA. 
19 October 2019 to 20 October 2019: 1st Inaugural Meeting of the International Jewellery College Association
19 October 2019 to 20 October 2019: 3rd Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition
IJCA Charter (PDF)
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
China Lifestyle Design Academy
Beijing Design Society


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