The 10th Asia Graphic Design Triennale 2018

10 October 2018
15 October 2018


ico-D is pleased to endorse The 10th Asia Graphic Design Triennale 2018 organised by ico-D Member Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design (KECD).


The Asian Graphic Design Triennale is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the first exhibition having been held in 1991. In this 2018 event, design professionals and professors from all types of design schools from more than 10 different countries will participate in an exhibition built around the theme TENSION. Tension refers to a turning point, or 'leap' and the word ‘TEN’ in ‘TENSION’ implies the 10th exhibition held within the last thirty years. This year's exhibition will explore the use of visual tension—a central facet of communication design. In communication design, compositional balance exists between harmony and tension, drawing the viewer’s attention to a focal point, and leading the viewer’s eyes around the rest of the piece in a specific order of design hierarchy.
This metaphor of 'design hierarchy' through TENSION effectively captures the spirit of The 10th Asian Graphic Design Triennale 2018.
01 Exhibition: The 10th Asia Graphic Design Triennale 2018
02 Special Event: ‘Asia Design Business Talk’ with booths showcasing a Special Business Exhibiton.
03 International Conference:
  - Establishing Asian design identity and community
  - Sharing design industry issues among Asian countries.  
10 - 15 October 2018: Exhibition 
13 October 13  2018, 2 pm: Opening Reception 
12 October 2018 (10am-1pm): Conference
13 October 2018 (3-4pm): Asia Business Talk
1 - 22 September 2018: Registration and Data Submission
Award of Excellence:  An international jury will select 10 awards composed of 1 Grand prize, 1 Gold prize, 3 Silver prizes and 5 Bronze prizes. A Certificate and plaque will be given to the winners. No cash prizes.
- Korean Federation of Design Associations (KFDA) 
- Asia Communication Design Alliance (ACDA) 
- Central Creators Club (CCC) 
- Taiwan Poster Design Association (TPDA) 
- Heilong Jiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles (HLJFLAC) 
- Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)  
- Asia Design of China and Korea (ADCK) 
- The Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wREGA)
- Iran Graphic Design Society (IGDS)

About ico-D Endorsements

Each year, ico-D endorses a select group of international activities that advance our objective to promote the value of design. Endorsed events demonstrate that they enhance the standards of design, ethics and professional practice. For design awards, an ico-D endorsement is recognition that it has been organised to meet international best practice guidelines under ico-D’s policies and best practices—including jury composition, evaluation criteria and intellectual property protection.


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