2018 Taipei International Design Award (TIDA)

20 April 2018
23 October 2018


ico-D is pleased to endorse the 2018 Taipei International Design Award executed by Member China Productivity Center in collaboration with Chinese Industrial Designers Association, Member Taiwan Poster Design Association, Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China, Member Taiwan Graphic Design Association and the Chinese Society of Interior Designers.


The Taipei City Government will hold the 2018 Taipei International Design Award (TIDA) following the theme of “Design for Adaptive City”, a gesture towards worldwide creativity in design, in celebration of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei. The call is open to outstanding international designs.



Entries are grouped into three main categories: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design and Public Space Design.

1. Industrial Design
Industrial design refers to design works that can be mass-produced, including general and digital applic ation ,
transportation t ools, equipment and instruments, daily utilities and household goods, IT and hom e appliances, etc.

2. Visual Communication Design
Visual communication includes designs of digital graphic creations , identit y, posters, packaging and printing
(including digit al printing) etc.

3. Public Space Design
Open space provided for public use, government buildings and certain private establishments.



Registration Opens: April 20 (Friday) Online registration here.
Registration Deadline: July 20 (Friday) Taipei time 23:59 (GMT+08:00)
Preliminary Selection Online: July 25 (Wednesday) – August 19 (Sunday)
Announcement of Finalists: August 24 (Friday)
Deadline for Submission of Final Works/Mockups: September 14 (Friday)
1. Taipei time 17:00(GMT+08:00)
2. Deadline is based on the time and date the final works/mockups are received.
3. Properly packaged works should be mailed or personally delivered to the “2018 Taipei International Design Award Team” at China Productivity Center, 2F, No. 79, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi District, New Taipei City, 221.
4. Finalists for the Industrial Design category should submit mockups. Finalists for the Visual Communication Design category should submit a poster or the actual design work. Finalists for the Public Space Design category should submit a mockup of the work or 3D animation.
Final Selection: September 26 (Wednesday)
Award Ceremony: October 23 (Tuesday)
1. Award winners will be announced at the award ceremony and on the event’s website.
2. The venue will be announced at a later date.
* Dates and venues may change based on the organiser’s decision, please visit our website for latest updates.


To read the TIDA Guidelines and full list of prizes download the pdf.



Official website: 2018 Taipei International Design Award (TIDA) 
ico-D Member profile pages: China Productivity Center
Taiwan Poster Design Association, Taiwan Graphic Design Association



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