Future Unknown Global Education Summit

03 December 2017
31 December 2017


ico-D is pleased to endorse Future Unknown Global Education Summit hosted by Member China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), organised by CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute, CAFA Art Museum, CAFA Graduate School, CAFA Design School and sponsored by the Ministry of Design Education Steering Committee, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and China Scholarship Council. The event takes place at the CAFA Art Museum in December 2017.


FUTURE UNKNOWN Global Education Plan is an experimental exploration for future education by a joint force of global institutions. Starting with a discussion of some of the age-leading events, it
aims at expanding the boundary of traditional education, extending the topics of future education and redesigning the scenes of future education.

Download the Future Unknown Agenda here.

Important Dates
3-4 December 2017: Future Unknown Summit
5-31 December 2017: Future Unknown Exhibition

An explorer in art and design education, the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) initiates FUTURE UNKNOWN for the future-cross-disciplinary, cross-time-space and cross-cultural, it will integrate global academic intelligence, re-examine art and design in the contemporary context, gather global institutions to articulate together, aggregate a new platform for future education development and collaboration, in an effort to jointly explore innovative solutions.

FUTURE UNKNOWN is comprised of three blocks:
Compulsive InnovationYouth Expressed and Education Absence.

Compulsive Innovation–Thought Leader Round Table
December 2017

100 hot spots impacting education today will be collected and filtered through an open call for topics to international institutions on the internet, from which relevant questions will be selected and presented to Round Table guests as topics for their on the spot discussion. These guests include technical experimenter, future predictor, design researcher and social entrepreneur. The discussion will interact with international art and design institutions and to people concerned,
and is expected to provide insights, prediction and judgment, actively propose ideas and views responsive to world structural transformation, and to generate new momentum.

Youth Expressed–Education Exhibition & Forum
December 2017–May 2018

CAFA will invite institutions that have raised relevant questions in Compulsive Innovation to carry out in-depth research collaboration specific to their local context. Through a six-month education
programme of local research workshops of educators and the educated, a voice platform for dialogue and discussion of global youth backed by CAFA will be come into shape in the form of an
exhibition of the processes and achievements of all the research workshops from collaborative institutions around the globe. The exhibition is scheduled during the Exhibition Season of CAFA,
which will provide continued references for discussions for future education development.

Education Absence–Chancellor Summit
September 2018

Coinciding with the Centennial Celebration of CAFA and centered on education leaders and strategy makers, a hundred chancellors/directors/presidents from around the world will be invited to CAFA for an examination of the Youth Expressed teaching practice and a discussion on the design of future education restructuring and strategy, thus leading to a strategic Global Art and Design Education League that will push forward the sustainable development of global art and design education.


Future Unknown Global Education Summit
FUTURE UNKNOWN Global Education Plan 
Future Unknown Agenda 
China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)


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