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15 July 2016
24 October 2016
ico-D is pleased to endorse the 12th edition of Zgraf, the international graphic design and visual communications exhibition & award ceremony in Zagreb, Croatia.

Update on 12 Participants and Programme here

Organised by ico-D Member the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH), Zgraf has been taking place triennially in Zagreb since 1975. It is the biggest and most important exhibition of graphic design in Croatia. Over the years, it has gathered designers, theorists and critics from all over the world, with the intention to bring out the fundamental problems and role of design in contemporary society. 

Zgraf aims to offer an insight into recent production in the field of graphic design and visual communication, to evaluate and recognise existing work through award allocation, as well as to promote a better and wider use of design. The purpose of Zgraf is to illustrate and define current benchmarks, and to highlight leading social, cultural and economic markers that may influence future design projects. It attracts works from the international professional design scene mainly working in the field of graphic design communications, media and advertising design and packaging: authors or groups of authors, groups of authors and design teams, design studios or agencies. 
Zgraf is made up of two main exhibitions: the first is 'Review', a review exhibition of selected works in the field of graphic design and visual communications, and the second is 'Theme'm a thematic exhibition presenting selected works designed to a specific exhibition theme. This year's theme is 'Social Reruns'. All submitted works will be selected by the Selection Committee consisting of 5 members.

Zgraf 12 Programme 
- Review: A regular international exhibition of selected works produced in the area of graphic design and visual communication. It will feature works produced in the area of graphic design and visual communications from 2012 till 2016. Submit your work for Review online.
- Theme: An international thematic and selected exhibition on the subject 'Social Reruns'. The best work in this segment will be awarded a special prize. Submit your work for Theme online.
- Lectures & Presentations: given by the members of the International Jury and other experts in the field of graphic design and visual communications; 
- Retrospective Exhibition: showcase exhibition of the Swiss designer duo Peng Peng (the winners of Zgraf 11 Grand Prix Award)
- Eduzgraf: creative educational platform for students and young professionals; 

Find the complete programming details here
The works selected for the exhibition will compete for:

- The traditional Zgraf Awards: Zgraf Grand Prix, Zgraf 1, Zgraf 2 and Zgraf Welcome (for designer/design team under 26 years of age), all awarded by the International Jury.

- The Zgraf Excellence Award - a special award for a group of exhibitors out of the competition awarded by a jury composed of members of the Selection Committee

- The ico-D Excellence Award: award for a particular work or a series of works that may be given by the International Jury to individual authors or a group of authors for outstanding accomplishments.

- The AICA Award: a prize awarded by the representatives of the Croatian Section of AICA, the International Association of Art Critics.

10 honourable mentions awarded by the International Jury.

All selected works compete for the Zgraf Awards. Awarded works shall be selected by the International Jury members during the exhibition in January 2017.

Important dates

The exhibitions will be held at the Lauba Gallery from 09-24 January 2017All other exhibitions and events, including lectures, presentations and the Eduzgraf programme, will also take place at the Lauba Gallery within that same time frame.

The award ceremony will be held on 20th January 2017.


'Review' shall display the works in eight categories:

Visual identity
Printed promotional/communication materials
Visual communications (Illustration, photography and typography, judged independently)
Design for film and electronic media
For more information on submission categories and general participation guidelines, click here.



Download the official call for submissions here.

Official Zgraf webpage

Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts ico-D Member page

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Social Reruns theme page

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