Call for Papers | Journal of Communication Design | Vol 3 Issue 2 | 2015

15 December 2014
01 March 2015

Journal of Communication Design
Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research
The official publication of ico-D (International Council of Design)

VOLUME 3 | Issue 2 | 2015

DEADLINE: 1 March 2015

Editor-in-Chief: Teal Triggs, Royal College of Art, UK
Editors: Leslie Atzmon, Kyle Hyunsuk Kim, Paul J. Nini, Karel van der Waarde

We would like to invite academics, scholars, educators, and researchers from disciplines related to communication design to submit their work to the Journal of Communication Design. The editors will consider papers from a range of disciplines related to graphic and communication design, including but not restricted to: cultural geography, cultural studies, education, ethnography, design history, journalism, museum studies, semiotics and linguistics, psychology, and sociology.

The Journal of Communication Design is an international, peer-reviewed publication which aims to develop and critically examine the emerging discourses in research related to contemporary communication and graphic design practice, education and methods as well as their history, theory and criticism. It features theoretical, historical and applied research in communication design, exploring both analogue and digital forms. Areas of emphasis include: craft and critical practice, pedagogy and curriculum development, typography and image-making, book arts and publishing, information visualization and digital spaces, sustainability and social design, politics and popular culture.

Reasons to publish in the Journal of Communication Design: double-blind peer review; high profile, internationally recognized Editorial Board; association with ico-D (International Council of Design), an organization with international reach; short submission to publication times; international visibility in print and online.

The following types of submission are welcome:
    •    Academic research papers (approximately 4,500–8,000 words)
    •    Book and exhibition reviews (approximately 500–800 words)
    •    From the Archives (approximately 1,000-1,500 words)
    •    Visual essays (4–6 pages, B&W)

If you would like your article to be considered for publication in the second issue of 2015 then full manuscripts should be submitted no later than 1 March 2015.


For more information, and a copy of the journal’s style guide, contact:

JCD Editors
W: Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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