Design Korea 2014

09 July 2014
08 November 2014

Design Korea' is an international design business convention launched in 2003 by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) with an aim to promote design business and to introduce the latest design trends from around the globe.  

Over the past years, it has grown to become a significant global design festival in Asia.  Under the theme 'Design Flowers the Creative Economy,' this year's event will bring together diverse members from the world design community,

from design consultants to design buyers to design buyers, providing a venue for participants to form strategic alliances, while serving to generate a substantial B2B2C effect.

'Design Korea' is a global design festival that covers all fields of the design industry including but not limited to visual communications, product, interior and others.  It brings together leading design works, including visual communication design works,

allowing those engaged in the design industry to seek for inspirations and potentials to better their work and design which will, in the end, lead to an increase in their business.

'Design Korea 2014' will include various exhibitions from design related companies, design studios and designer-to-be persons of different backgrounds, i.e., exhibits of leading design awards from around the globe (World Best Design), design consultants and studios who wish to introduce their services to potential domestic and overseas clients, and design works of future designers.  Also included is a small-scale design briefing allowing participants to learn the different policies of potential markets and engage in design business consultations.

Contact Information

Nara Suh
Project Manager
Design Promotion Division
Korea Institute of Design Promotion
T. +82-(0)31-780-2163     M. +82-(0)10-8737-5779

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