World Communication Design Day

27 April 2014

Icograda invites members and all interested parties to participate in World Communication Design Day 2014, by organizing public events and initiatives celebrating design on 27 April 2014.

On this occasion, Icograda invites participants from across the globe to examine
the evolving role of designers in the 21st century by reflecting on the statement "This is what a designer does."  Participants can download the WCDD2014 Kit and submit their own "statement" on the WCDD Facebook page

Suggested activities
Communication Design is, at its core, a creative activity aimed to solve a problem according to local context and audience. These suggestions are a point of departure for the many unique solutions World Communication Design Day may inspire.
  • organise a ‘designer hackathon’ around 27 April to bring together people from various disciplines – converging to frame and solve local design problems
  • organise local talks/debates/lectures/presentations
  • open door studio tours
  • work with local governments to recognise World Communication Design Day and highlight the community impact of the profession
  • produce participatory design celebrating the theme by making your "This is what a designer does" statement

Share your event
World Communication Design Day is driven by our members. Share your event to inspire others and spread the word!

Making connections:  This is what a designer does.

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