6th United Designs - An International Biennial Design Exhibition

22 August 2013
14 September 2013
St. Louis (USA) - The 2013 edition is co-organized by the Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design (KECD) and University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL).

The exhibit seeks to establish an international visual communication design education network, understand distinctive design collections and exchange ideas on visual communication design practice, education and culture. As an initiative, United Designs seeks unique approaches by designers from around the world. It does not look at restrictions as a barrier for creativity but as an opportunity for bringing creativity to the intellectual level.

The exhibition directors are Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi (a Founder, KECD Vice President & Hanyang University, Korea) and Ms. Jennifer McKnight (University of Missouri St Louis). They are supported by co-directors: Mr. Zantides Evripides (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus), Dr. Arafat Al-Naim (Zarqa University, Jordan), Mr. David Moon (California State University Northridge, United States), Mr. Donald Tarallo (Bridgewater State College, United States), Mr. Scott Hutchinson (UCLA Extension, United States), and Ms. Chen Jing (Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China)

Entries submissions fall into two categories:
· Poster Design: About world environmental awareness
· Practical Design: Any printed design project done in year 2011-2013

Selected work will be exhibited at
Gallery FAB from 22 August to 14 September 2013.

For more information, please contact:
Albert Inyoung Choi
T: +82-31-400-5709
W: www.designresearchlab.com/ud.htm

About KECD
The Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design was founded in 1969. They are a Professional member organization of Icograda. In 2008, KECD co-organized Color Value: Icograda Design Week in Daegu.

About United Designs
United Designs was first organized by Hanyang University (Korea) in 2004 and 2005. In 2007, United Designs was co-organized with Applied Science Private University (Jordan). In 2009, United Designs was organized with California State University (United States). In 2011, United Designs was organized with Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus).

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