Typojanchi 2013 | Seoul International Typography Biennial

29 July 2013
11 October 2013

From 30 August to 11 October the Korea Craft & Design Foundation will host TYPOJANCHI 2013. The theme 'SUPERTEXT' (Typography as Literature), explores the dual identity of typography. Iit is as much an art of language as a visual art. Typojanchi 2013 is devoted to the literary potentials of typography in the overlap of the two realms.
Writing has enabled knowledge to be shared, transferred, and to transform the very sense of time by dramatically extending human memory. Printing, by allowing the mass reproduction and dissemination of text, served as a foundation for modernity. It also created typography as we know it: an activity to create types and organize the characters into texts. Throughout modernity, typography performed a vital yet not-so-visible agent.

There has been growing awareness that literature is a formal construction to be probed into by non-verbal means. The fate of a text is often contingent on the infrastructure of production, post-production and distribution. In all of these, there are possibilities for typography to play a directly literary role. Typojanchi 2013 intends to find out how it has been played out in recent years, and how it can be now.

Artists include: John Morgan, Xiao Mage & Chengzi,  Karl Nawrot, Lee Ho, Pan Qin, Kim Kijo, Mark Owens, Paul Elliman, Ohara Daijiro, Studio Moniker, Åbäke, The Book Society etc.

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