2013 Taiwan International Design Competition: Call for submissions

08 May 2013
03 July 2013
First held in 2002, the Taiwan International Design Competition has grown to become a high-profile design competition of note in Asia. Organised by the Taiwan Design Center, this forward-looking design competition, open to creative talents worldwide, aims to encourage design interactions and international cultural exchanges.

What distinguishes TIDC from other international design competitions is its orientation as a conceptual design competition. In addition to encouraging more imaginative and innovative creations, it also hopes to use current trends to inspire designers to have more profound philosophical and humanistic reflections. This will allow designers to not only be confined to an 'object' itself, but to incorporate a return to the subtleties of life into design. For the 2013 event, competition entries under the theme of "Togetherness" are invited.

Thinking back to an age when technology and the web wasn't quite so prevalent, we remember a time when people were able to build relationships and affection with nothing more than sharing a pot of tea and trading kind words.
Now, with a smartphone in every hand, the only words and images traded are the ones seen on screens. Tangible distances have become smaller, but the intangible gap between individuals has grown.

“Togetherness” is a feeling of warmth and happiness, found only when two or more people get together; it raises the temperatures of our life, and its magic gives us the strength to discover the surprises and creations of life.
“Togetherness” is a modern necessity that is sometimes overlooked. Since a  feeling of closeness can make a warmer and happier world, let us use the power of design to overcome the self-imposed boundaries.


The 2013 Taiwan International Design Competition free to enter.

Registration Deadline: 3 July 2013

The Taiwan International Design Competition is open to designers, teachers or students of design related departments or schools, people who are interested in design, without age limitation.

The creative product design of the competition theme 'Togetherness' must be expressed in the participating pieces.

  • Product Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Medias
  • etc.
(1 winner)
TWD $500 000 (approx. USD $15 000), a trophy and a certificate
(1 winner)
TWD $200 000 (approx. USD $6 000), a trophy and a certificate
(1 winner)
TWD $100 000 (approx. USD $3 000), a trophy and a certificate
Honorable MentionTWD $10 000 (approx. USD $300) and a certificate

For more information, please contact:

Taiwan Design Center

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