A' Design Award & Competition

12 November 2012
28 February 2013
The theme of the 2012-2013 award period is design for change, although entries outside of this theme are also accepted. A' Design Award is a synthetic award program that was developed as a part of a Ph.D. thesis in Politecnico di Milano University, Italy. Through analysis of 800 prior competitions and events, the aim of the award is to provide prestige and publicity to its participants, and to create a better world through better design.

The competition is open to all types of designers, artists and architects. Especially built to to be an inclusive platform as research results indicated that the number of stakeholders involved increase the reach, and a good design award had to reach wider audiences.

Organiser: OMC Design Studios SRL


The jury is made up of 22 design professionals and academics.
Categories include Graphics and Advertising Design.

Submission Process
Submissions can be made online here, where you can also find the detailed guide to participant registration and uploading your work.

Winners will be announced 15 April 2013.

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About OMC Design Studios SRL

OMC Design studios was initially founded as an advanced design office combining many smaller units/studios, however since then it has become more or less like a design center; OMC Design Studios have been contributing to the global design culture by being a leader in design dissemination, broadcasting and advocacy.
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