Exhibition of Croatian Design 1112

12 September 2012
12 October 2012
The Exhibition of Croatian Design 1112, organised by the Croatian Designers Association (Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo - HDD), is the biennial survey of contemporary design taking place at The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb.

The first such exhibition was organised in 1999, and it has since then grown into the largest design exhibition in Croatia specifically dedicated to all fields of design practice - from visual communication design, product/industrial design, concepts, exhibition design, fashion design etc., both in professional and student categories.

Although competition-based, the event is intended as a critical reality-check, addressing not only the best design work produced in a two-year period, but also the current questions of interrelation between design, industry, society and culture. We see the exhibition itself as a chance for evaluation from the point-of-view of international design practitioners and critics.


  • Affirmation of the concept, value and importance of design in Croatia;
  • Promotion of the social, cultural and economic value of design in all its disciplines;
  • Critical selection and critical valorisation of the best projects in the two-year period as a necessary prerequisite to encourage quality design production;
  • The evaluation of Croatian design production from an international point of view;
  • Questioning the correlation between design and its social, cultural and economic context.


The jury will award a Grand Prize and Croatian Designers Society awards for each category. Student's work will also be given awards by category.

The International Jury will award one Icograda Excellence Award, and the Croatian Designers Association Governing Board will posthumously award a Croatian Designers Association Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to Croatian design.

For more details, visit: www.dizajn.hr

For more information, please contact:

Croatian Designers Association
Boskoviceva 18
10000 Croatia
T +385 1 4846 874
F +385 1 4846 874

About the Croatian Designers Association

The Croatian Designers Association (Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo - HDD) is a non-government, non-profit, voluntary professional association founded at first as Society of Designers of Croatia in 1983. The mission is to promote the common professional and social interests of their members and the systematic creation of conditions to improve the professional practice in design.

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