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06 June 2012
30 December 2012

About this year's competition

The unavailability of clean, accessible and reliable energy sources hinders any human, social and economic growth. Resolution 65/151 of the General Assembly of the United Nations attests this fact. The IEA – International Energy Agency – also maintains the urgency of coping with the severe problem of energy scarcity and making energy an available resource for all. In the present time - the century of the most advanced technology and endless race for development – no embarrassment is sufficient before this data: more than 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity (approx. 20% of world population) and 2.7 billion (40% of population) do not have a clean place to cook and are forced to use dirty sources (mainly various biomasses). Sub-Saharan Africa and those countries still defined developing countries represent 95% of these people.

Eradicating energy scarcity is a moral imperative, says Maria Van der Hoeven, the Executive Director of IEA, speaking of infringement on the right to education to children living without electric light. The World Health Organization (WHO) also makes reference to the indoor pollution generated by the combustion of biomasses for cooking and considers this a major cause for the early deaths – two million cases a year – due to pollution.

Finally: speaking of energy is speaking of life.

Sustaining 2012 – the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All – means studying and developing solutions, so that the world is no longer divided into a part where light is continually available and a part without electricity. Health, food and water safety, education, employment, communication efficiency and any other human-centered fields are strictly dependent on energy access and use.

As stressed by the UN, the concept of sustainability becomes decisive to generate change, growth and development, respect for life, opportunities and the environment.

This is a call for entry for industrial designers, film- and video-makers – professionals and students from all around the world - who want to take part in promoting access to energy as a prerequisite for the protection of human rights.

See the call for entries for more details.


Graphic design

The graphic design category deadline for submissions has passed.

Industrial design

Industrial designers can send their unpublished or published designs, provided the construction process uses sustainable energies or optimizes the use of electric energy in all productive fields.

Mission: to promote ethical and sustainable development

See the Industrial Design contest submission guidelines for full details.


Reflect on the different consequences of access to energy for developing countries. This should be made dynamic with compelling and concise language.

Mission: Telling what energy is, why it is so important for human life and dignity, how we can turn energy into an accessible resource for all.

See the Video design contest submission guidelines for full details.


30 December 2012

All projects will be evaluated by an International Jury. Finalist works will be published in the final event Catalogue.
Discover our Jury on utilitamanifesta.it (scroll down).

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Utilità manifesta (UM) / design for social, Association of Social Promotion convenes graphic designers sensitive to the ethics, political responsibility, cultural and social implications inherent in communication design. Wherever there is social silence, solitude, isolation and institutional vacuum, UM through its projects aims to create a network of social forces to promote human dignity and shines a light on current issues.

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