By Design Bootcamp

11 October 2012
12 October 2012

By Design Bootcamp is a hands on, experiential workshop for attendees to design and build a sustainable and successful communications design business. The objectives are for the attendees to build their brand, and create a strong business model that supports their unique offerings. The objectives are to have a thriving business and healthy lifestyle as the model they will be creating will support a work / life balance and help them lead through their creativity. This is a hands on, interactive and experiential format where we take participants from concept to action.

Sample Agenda

Morning of Day 1

  • Welcome and design of the workshop.
  • Introductions.
  • Specialty of each person in the room so the group can be divided into triads for small working groups and each become a center of excellence.
  • Intention for what they commit to generating and what action items they will focus on.

Afternoon of Day 1

  • Defining a business model that will support their work
  • What they have to do personally and what can be subcontracted. Support systems, technology, financial framework, pricing and contracting

Evening Day 1

  • Optional group dinner and reception - Building relationships

Morning of Day 2

  • The group will be given a sample case client and project they have to deliver on. Does their business model support innovation and sustainability?
  • Working with triads in an innovative way.
  • Identifying challenges, 'tolerations' and obstacles that might limit their success.
  • Innovative solutions - Shifting how they do their work
  • Creating collaborative relationships and support systems

Afternoon of Day 2

  • Step-by-step 12 month blueprint and a clear understanding of exactly how they're going to apply it. Action plan to be able to walk away with concrete steps and structures / systems to put in place
  • Define what Work-Life Balance means for them
  • Resources to support them and their business
  • Action plans. Filling in the missing pieces. Learning to undertake. Whether or not to hire a Virtual Assistant. Partnering with other creatives. Ongoing thought partnerships.
  • Keeping the conversation going - Steps to create mastermind groups and collaborative thought partnership.
  • Wrap-up and goodbyes

Scholarships / Sponsorships

The organisers would like to cover the registration fee for 1-2 Students / Start-ups. Depending on sponsorship agreements they secure, they may be able to offer assistance for travel costs and expenses. If you can attend without travel support, please contact the organisers to express your interest.

Please consult for information on fees and availability.

For more information, please contact:

Donna Karlin
Ottawa, Canada
T + 1 613 829 7539

Tuuli Sauren
Brussels, Belgium
T +32 2 280 03 88

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