2012 Taiwan International Design Competition

26 March 2012
15 June 2012

First held in 2002, the Taiwan International Design Competition has grown to become a high-profile design competition of note in Asia. Organised by the Taiwan Design Center, this forward-looking design competition, open to creative talents worldwide, aims to encourage design interactions and international cultural exchanges.


The theme of the competition is in response to contemporary design phenomena as well as global issues incorporating with the essence of Oriental philosophy. For the 2012 event, competition entries are invited under the theme 'Maximinimization.' Design is a kind of magic from the heart of the designers. Observing the subtle psyche of consumers, and giving expression to their needs in products - such is what design is! The designer brings an enormous amount of creativity with carefulness. This is just like people from the Orient who use the smallest seal to make their greatest commitment with their heart. Likewise, simple and easy steps are employed to complete a complex and difficult operation, employing minimum resources to create maximum effect.


The 2012 Taiwan International Design Competition free to enter.

Registration Deadline: 15 June 2012


The Taiwan International Design Competition is open to designers, teachers or students of design related departments or schools, people who are interested in design, without age limitation.

The creative product design of the competition theme 'Maximinimization' must be expressed in the participating pieces.


  • Product Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Digital Multimedia Design
  • etc.


(1 winner)
TWD $500 000 (approx. USD $15 000), a trophy and a certificate
(1 winner)
TWD $200 000 (approx. USD $6 000), a trophy and a certificate
(1 winner)
TWD $100 000 (approx. USD $3 000), a trophy and a certificate
Honorable Mention TWD $10 000 (approx. USD $300) and a certificate


Evaluation system

The evaluation is divided into a Preliminary Selection and Final Selection. The Preliminary Selection will be based on the design illustrations provided by the participants, the evaluation committee will select 30 pieces of work to participate in the Final Selection. For the Final Selection, the works' mockups and CD-ROM works will be evaluated by the committee.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation will start from creativity to break through the existing product design, and express the theme concept and aesthetic perception.

Creativity 50%
Aesthetics 20%
Design Completeness20%
Design Presentation10%

Domestic and international experts in different fields will be invited by the organisers to form the Preliminary Selection and Final Selection committee to process the evaluation.

For more information, please contact:

2012 Taiwan International Design Competition Secretariat
Taiwan Design Center
2F, No.133, Guangfu S. Rd., Taipei 110, Taiwan
T +886 2 2745 8199 ext.335
F +886 2 2745 8582
W tidc.boco.com.tw

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