16 May 2009
14 June 2009
Chaumont, France
This year the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Taking place from 16 May - 14 June 2009 in the town of Chaumont, France, The Chaumont Festival focuses on diversity of content, and presents the colorful reality of graphic design by comparing and contrasting works produced in various studios and workshops on an international scale.

Three key components of the Festival include the International Poster Competition, the "Students all to Chaumont" competition, and the Student workshops. The Festival is a culmination of results from all three activities.

The International Poster competition

One of the major events of this Festival is the exhibition of the 100-120 posters selected from the entries in the International Poster Competition. The deadline for entries is 20 February 2009.

This competition is open to designers, studios, institutions and companies from all over the world. Entries will consist of posters created over the course of the past three years.

Entry requirements
The International Competition of Chaumont is open to any printed poster created since 1 January 2006, whether they be cultural, social, political or commercial. Artists may enter between one and five posters, submitted as individual works or as a series. The posters can be the work of one sole artist or of a group. They can either be issued by private commissioners or public organisations. Those who have already taken part in previous competitions in Chaumont must enter different posters created within the past three years.

Awards and recognition
An international Jury of renowned graphic designers will make a final selection from the preselected posters. First, Second, Third and Icograda Excellence Award winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 16 May 2009.

"Students, All to Chaumont" Competition

The Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival celebrates its twentieth birthday with the sixteenth annual Students, All to Chaumont student competition, on the theme of "Being twenty." This poster competition is aimed at graphic design students currently enrolled in a public or private art school, university or technical or vocational school. The deadline for entries is 13 March 2009.

Each student may only submit one poster. A selection of the entries will be exhibited during the Festival and will be published in the next edition of the Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival catalogue.

A jury, made up of professional graphic designers will be making the  award three prizes, each materialised by a diploma.


Students with at least two years of academic experience in the field of graphic design are invited to take part in a studio-workshop series with the theme "Being twenty," from 12-14 May 2009. The deadline for registration is 13 March 2009.

Each student may bring one or two rough projects, one of which they will have the opportunity to finalise during the course of the three days, using only graphic elements, scissors, glue, and photomechanical enlargements.

The works resulting from these studio-workshops will be exhibited and three prizes will be awarded on 16 May 2009.

More details related to categories, eligibility, submission requirements, fees, etc. for each of the three components of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont can be seen on the event website.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Festival International de l'Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont
7-9, avenue Foch
52000 Chaumont
T: +33 3 25 03 86 80
F: +33 3 25 31 08 58
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