Originality 100, International Conference on Visual Communication Design, 2011

17 October 2011
30 October 2011

Originality 100 is an international design conference addressing original design, innovation, indigenous cultures, etc. in the field of visual communication design. The conference adopts an academic and applied arts perspective through the one-day keynote event and the week-long workshop and exhibitions. International designers and scholars will be invited to lecture and have discussions related to the theme. Exhibitions, workshops, and seminars will be held accordingly. Participants and presenters of the conference will explore new concepts, cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary design. Department of Visual Communication Design at National Taiwan University of Arts sponsors the event, along with co-sponsors Icograda, Taiwan Graphic Design Association, Art Charity Taiwan.

Conference Events

Keynote Speeches

  • Aboriginal Culture and Innovative Design
    Russell Kennedy - Melbourne (Australia)
    Icograda President 2009-2011

  • Design for social innovation
    Leimei Julia Chiu - Tokyo (Japan)
    Icograda President Elect 2009-2011

Gallery Opening

Official opening of the Originality 100, International Indigenous Cultural and Creative Design Exhibition

Parallel Activities

Originality 100, International Indigenous Cultural and Creative Design Exhibition

Venue: 3rd floor, Art Museum & International Exhibition Hall, Education Building
Dates: 17-30 October 2011

Celebrating the centennial anniversary of Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), this collection exhibits more than 100 pieces of international cross-cultural and domestic aboriginal designs. The designs originate from aboriginal cultures and totems, combining current design concepts and applications. The exhibition will re-invent the essence of Taiwanese aboriginal cultures, and to explore the inspiration from ancient wisdom. The exhibition contains two collections:

  • Mother Tongue
    Mother Tongue is a cross-cultural platform to open discussion around the role of contemporary indigenous design and to encourage collaborative projects that deepen our understanding of people’s culture in our visual world of this 21 century. David Lancashire, former INDIGO chair, curated 27 pieces from the online Mother Tongue exhibition.

  • Native Wave
    The power of native wave comes from the unbounded sea, the waves constantly move, it's the unlimited source of Taiwan's cultural and creative design. Inviting the most representative works of indigenous design, with its diverse and rich cultural elements, combined with tribal myth and natural heritage, turning into a piece of work, which is full of energy to dissolve the abuse of modern technology.

NTUA Visual Communications Department Annual Exhibition

Venue: B1, Ta-Han Gallery, B2 Chen-Shan-Mei & Ta-Kuan Gallery
Dates: 17-30 October 2011

The annual exhibition of Visual Communication Department is invited to show in parallel with Originality 100 at a separate location at NTUA. Both exhibitions will share similar design concepts and directions. Designers, students and faculty will have the chance to interact with each other.

Branding Taipei, a new generation of design workshop

Venue: Computer room, Education Building, and Taiwan International Design Expo
Dates: 17-30 October 2011

When design philosophy, aesthetics and essence of designs from all over the world encounter in Taipei, by having the workshop as "Branding Taipei", under the guidance of professional instructors, abundance of great ideas and design concepts will be generated by the young designers.

For more information, please contact:

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W: vcd.ntua.edu.tw

Diala Lada
Project Manager
T: +1 514 448 4949 x 230

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