IIID Traffic&Transport Information Systems 2011: Traffic, Transport and Social Media

08 September 2011
09 September 2011
Vienna, Austria

Presented 8-9 September 2011, in Vienna (Austria) by the International Institute for Information Design (IIID), this sixth forum addresses How transport providers and mobility enablers can use social media to better communicate with their customers.

Social media facilitates the generation and communication of ideas and information in a much more convenient way than traditional platforms, i.e. regulars' tables, daily newspapers, etc. Moreover, social media makes market research obsolete by providing public opinion at little or no cost. Thus, transport providers and mobility enablers (e.g. companies that build and maintain passenger terminals/roads/motorways/parking garages) would be well advised to adjust their Customer-Relationship-Management efforts.

The 2011 IIID Expert Forum sets out to discuss and answer five questions:

  • How to draw conclusions from discussions in social media?
  • How to adjust policies?
  • How to (re)design services?
  • How to communicate improvements?
  • How to evaluate users/customers reactions?

Who should attend?

  • Transport providers and authorities
  • Interest groups representing travellers and people with special needs
  • Information designers and managers
  • Transport developers and manufacturers of real time information systems, software and displays
  • Educators with an interest in traffic and transport information


Fees and forms to attend the Expert Forum are available on the registration page.

Highlight of events


  • Exploring the potential of social media for designing future traveller information systems
    Margarita Marie Köhl (Austria)


Social Media: Putting users first
  • SKUZME – A social media service that connects commuters with commuters and better transport choices
    Arno Hart (United States)
  • The importance of users and crowd sourcing systems for the creation and the operation of traffic information services
    Michael Kieslinger (Austria)
  • From participative information to real time user co-creation in transportation systems
    Christophe Tallec (France)
  • Standardisations for information exchange in public transport and its benefits using the example of IP-KOM-ÖV
    Anselmo Stelzer (Germany)
Making use of social media
  • Social Networks meets journey planners – New developments
    Dirk Esters (Germany)
  • The involvement of mobile social software in cooperative traffic systems and dynamic ridesharing. A comparative view
    Dr Oana Stefana Mitrea (Austria)
  • Impactful communication that makes meaningful changes
    Myles Miller (USA )
  • Applying participatory sensing in public transportation scenarios
    Peggy Laure Försterling (Germany)
  • Focus groups concerning passenger behaviour and travel experience as a basic for creating an infoconnectivity system
    Kilian Jaeger (Germany)
In times of crisis and uncertainty
  • The sound of the crowd - how social media can complement traditional information systems
    Niall Gardiner (UK )
  • Dr Craig Nelson, Steer Davies Gleave, London, UK
  • From version 1.0 to version 2.0 – Theses about challenges for the rail terminal management from a Swiss perspective
    Luca Steinmann (Switzerland)
  • The use of Twitter in public transport in Norway when traffic problems arise
    Bent Flyen (Norway)
  • Use of Facebook and Twitter by public transport operators and authorities in a time of crisis: experience from the UK and Ireland
    John Austin (UK)
  • How information design and social media impacted railway use, mobility and life in the wake of the recent disasters in Japan
    Keiichi Koyama (Japan) and Makoto Takeuchi (Japan)

Innovations in Traffic & Transport Information

  • Innovation in transportation information & communication
    Clifford Selbert (USA)
  • Passenger reactions and passenger actions: Improving public transport
    Leonard Verhoef (The Netherlands)
  • TellMeTheWay - A speech-based travel-companion for intermodal routes in public transport
    Sven Leitinger (Austria)
  • Integrated airport signage planning for better passenger experience and higher revenues
    Nicolai Okkels (Denmark )
  • The Austrian federal railways routing system – a project experience from the Vienna central station
    Alfred Ritter (Austria)
  • ITS Vienna Region / AnachB.at / GIP – status quo and the next challenges
    Hans Fiby (Austria)

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