Participatory Innovation Conference 2012

12 January 2012
14 January 2012
Melbourne, Australia

Swinburne University Faculty of Design, in collaboration with SPIRE of the University of Southern Denmark, will host the Participatory Innovation Conference 2012 (PIN-C 2012) 12-14 January 2012 in Melbourne (Australia).

This is a forum where participants from different disciplines and organisations can meet and challenge each other to develop the field of participatory innovation.

What is Participatory Innovation?

Participatory Innovation combines theories and methods across academic fields that describe how people outside an organisation can contribute to its innovation. Join this conference to help identify ways for industry, the public sector, and communities to expand innovation through the participation of users, employees, suppliers, citizens, members, etc. - on a strategic level, in concrete methods, and in day-to-day interactions.

Industry, public agencies, and communities increasingly adopt people-driven and open innovation, as they realise that innovation cannot come solely from within an organisation. Innovation happens in the 'breaking of the waves' between people outside and people inside - because they have different stakes and perspectives.

In academia, new breakthrough contributions to understanding and supporting innovation also emerge in the borderlands between disciplines that traditionally do not collaborate (ex. between indigenous knowledge and design, or between management and anthropology).

Conference Tracks

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Innovation
  • Evolving Design Anthropology
  • Making Design and Analysing Interaction
  • Organising Participatory Innovation
  • Designing Innovative Business Models

About Swinburne University Faculty of Design

Swinburne University Faculty of Design has more than a century of history. It focuses on the value adding benefits of design and design research to people, the environment, industry and the economy.

About Participatory Innovation Research Centre (SPIRE)

SPIRE is the newest research centre at the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark. It is concerned with research in participatory innovation in collaboration with social scientists, human scientists, local industry and the theatre group Dacapo.

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