Good50x70 2011 annual social poster competition

10 July 2011
30 November 2011
Milan, Italy


Good50x70 is an annual social poster competition. For four years we have presented briefs proposed by the most important charities in the world. This year there are no restrictions about the topic, but naturally a social focus is mandatory.

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations worldwide in need of effective communication tools. No matter how popular they are, creativity is one of the many ways to donate and support their cause.

Non-profit organizations are often disadvantaged in publishing an effective campaign to support their causes and raise awareness about what they fight and work for. There are also many issues that are not represented by an accredited charity or a non-governmental organization. We believe that a poster is the appropriate medium for giving a visual for a cause, a key concept for starting a campaign and for reducing the distance between creativity and charities.

In order to raise awareness about as many different social issues as possible and to offer every charity a potential poster for a campaign or an event, free of charge, Good50x70 is reaching out to everyone. Designers, art directors, illustrators, students, professionals or any interested individual, are invited to create a 50x70 poster (or more than one).

What they ask: engaging visuals and a message as simple and clear as possible and for the widest target. The competition provides the participants with the chance of sharing their interest about social issues that affect the world or a particular community. It also creates an occasion to discuss and investigate new briefs and to learn about the society and the environment.

The 100 winners selected by the jury will have their work displayed in a travelling public exhibition and published on the Good50x70 2011 catalogue.

Submission deadline: 30 November 2011, 24:00 CET

The Jury

To be announced 10 July 2011.

Selected entries

No monetary prizes

The contest is free to enter and aims to improve social communication, thus it is endorsed by charities and NGOs rather than profitable businesses. The contest itself is not profitable, for this reason there are no monetary prizes for the entrants.

Shortlisted entries

The jury will select 100 artworks. All the selected posters are deemed equally good. Each one is published in the contest catalogue and exhibited at the same level of importance.

Exhibition and catalogue

An exhibition with all the finalist posters will be held no longer than 90 days after the contest has closed. Details about the exhibition location and dates will be announced through the contest website as soon as definitive arrangements has been made. A catalogue containing the posters will be published and distributed free of charge to the finalists and the jury members. The finalists will have to cover the postage costs at their own expense.

For complete guidelines and terms of entry, see the call for entries.

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