Design for volunteering, peace and human rights

06 May 2011
30 October 2011

About this year's competition

The European Commission devoted the year 2011 to the universal awareness of volunteering, in an effort to promote a stronger perception of the present-time social issues.

The European Union intends above all to reward the commitment of all those who every day give voice to today’s social issues by promoting an ethical and civic progress, envisaging possible solutions to local and international problems, putting duties before rights and deciding to first give and then take.

In 2011 Utilità Manifesta charges graphic and industrial designers with the responsibility of generating a new language for solidarity and social commitment.

See the call for entries for more details.


Graphic design

The poster will interpret complex issues such as social, economic and environmental justice. For this purpose, this design competition is about a poster focusing on one or more of the following subjects:

  • Legality and civic-mindedness
  • Economic crisis and the way to solve it
  • The Environment
  • Women’s protection
  • Peace and Human Rights

Industrial design

Industrial design is gaining momentum in sensitising consumers on the social issues of environmental sustainability, recycling and resource rationalisation which will inevitably result in greater access to wealth by people. Industrial designers are asked to design an item that embodies the concepts of support and solidarity. This item must meet the following characteristics:

  • sustainability
  • usability
  • improvement of an existing condition
  • economic accessibility
  • actual usefulness for disadvantaged targets (children, adults, elderly, men, women)

Submission guidelines

See the call for entries for full submission guidelines.


30 October 2011

International Jury

  • Donald Beekman (Netherlands)
  • Mauricio Cardenas (Colombia)
  • Giovanni Delvecchio (Italy)
  • David Graas (Germany)
  • Ayşegül Izer (Turkey)
  • Maxime Lemoyne (France)
  • Rico Lins (Brasil)
  • Saki Mafundikwa (Zimbabwe)
  • Andrea Magnani (Italy)
  • Borja Martinez (Spain)
  • Armando Milani (Italy)

For more information, please contact:

Utilità Manifesta

About Utilità Manifesta

Utilità manifesta (UM) / design for social, Association of Social Promotion convenes graphic designers sensitive to the ethics, political responsibility, cultural and social implications inherent in communication design.

Wherever there is social silence, solitude, isolation and institutional vacuum, UM through its projects aims to create a network of social forces to promote human dignity and shines a light on current issues.

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