22 International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

21 May 2011
05 June 2011
Chaumont, France
The next International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont will run from 22 May - 5 June 2011. The fortnight will feature an extensive programme of events: student workshops, colloquia, a trade fair, guided tours, creative sessions for kids, concerts, award ceremonies, public interventions, and other festival-related activities.


Festival Opening

On Saturday, 21 May, Chaumont will be in festive mood to open the festival and welcome the graphic designers taking part in the competitions, exhibitions and workshops. The indoor Market Hall will host Planète Pub, an advertising-object market. From 23-27 May, the young designers' projects at La Fabrique will be on show to the public, who can also view the results of the sessions run year-round with Chaumont residents. The presence of students attending workshops in Chaumont will generate a line-up of concerts and events open to all. The week will end with a trade fair, involving leading firms in the field of graphic design.
For professionals and students

On the weekend of 28-29 May, the award ceremonies for the professional and student competitions will take place. The graphic publishing fair will open at the market hall; and at Collège St Saens, a local school, PixelFactory will exhibit their multimedia explorations. colloquia, led by Thierry Chancogne and Catherine Guiral, will consider "what haunts graphic design". The second week will be devoted to guided tours of the exhibitions, which will then remain open all summer.

The programme of this 22 edition gives a prime role to lettering, with: a show at Les Silos of Italian firm Olivetti's commissions for its communications and typewriter fonts; a show of work by American graphic designer Edward Fella, at Espace Bouchardon. Bordeaux-based studio GUsto will bring the town's shop windows to life with Spanish white chalk. Sacha Léopold and Charles Beauté will propose an exploration of graphic-design work conditioned by the constraints of various printing methods. And in public spaces, graphic designers and illustrators will play on the separation of silkscreen colours. The judges of the "Students – All to Chaumont!" competition, which this year embraces all kinds of media, have decided to challenge students on the contemporary statuses of text: the theme is "Open Texts". The international competition, whose judges are chaired by M/M(Paris), has also been revamped and is now also open to all forms of graphic design.

International competition

Founded in parallel to the Festival, the International Competition has enabled a large collection of contemporary posters to be amassed over the years. This competition strives to reflect the reality of the discipline, by identifying high-quality creations and showing them to the public. To extend its scope to all the media now concerned by graphic design, the International Competition is bringing down the barriers for the first time this year, and reaching beyond posters. We invite participants to make submissions that reflect all the media they work in: posters, pages, identity, signs, systems, screens and objects. The judging panel will scope each category and allocate the entries. Chaired by M/M (Paris), the panel will no longer consist solely of graphic designers, who will be joined this year by product designers, architects, clients, etc. The panel will award a first prize covering all categories; mentions in each category; and an Icograda Excellence Award to a participating graphic designer, in recognition of outstanding achievement.

French selection

An independent panel of judges will select posters that answer to these conditions:

  • entered in the international competition, and compliant with its rules
  • French by virtue of their author, client and/or printer

The distinction bestowed on the selected posters (an ungraded selection of 10-15 posters) jointly rewards their author, client and printer.


  • First prize (covering all categories) EUR 7500
  • Mentions in each category
  • Icograda Excellence Award
The prize ceremony will be held on Saturday 28 May at 17:00. The selected entries will be exhibited at Les Subsistances warehouse from Saturday 21 May.

For complete rules and regulations, visit the website

The prize ceremony will be held on Saturday 28 May at 17:00. The selected entries will be exhibited at Les Subsistances warehouse from Saturday 21 May.

Open Texts: Students – All to Chaumont !

"The Chaumont Festival team wanted to refresh the student competition, embracing the diverse media that feature in graphic-design output: publications, printed objects, video, interactive productions, etc.).

In light of this, the judges wanted to invite the students to think about an essential component of graphic design: writing.

Writing can put words to what images cannot explicitly say or convey. But this statement overlooks the role that the designer's choices can play in reading practices. The same text, in different media and with specific page or screen layouts, will be read and appropriated differently. As a result, there will be not one but multiple readings; not one reader, but readers.

Formatting text and choosing a medium therefore amount to devising reading scenarios.

And this is what the jury hopes to read, discover and test! Entrants are free to choose their text, although it is best to avoid casually choosing a text – as if for some laying-out exercise. The text can be in English or French. Whether it is written for the occasion or borrowed, its title and source should be mentioned.
And now... Get 'texting'!"

For complete rules and regulations, visit the website .

For more information, please contact:

Bureau du Festival
Les Silos / Maison du Livre et de l'Affiche
7/9 avenue Foch, 52000 Chaumont
T: +33 3 25 03 86 80
F: +33 3 25 31 08 58
W: http://www.cig-chaumont.com/festival-2011/

Contact persons:
Sophie Wilhélem

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